How to avoid high PR high weight chain construction in Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding

tool shows no PR relatively low weight website:

in the above two apparently is a high weight, a high PR, but outside the chain of the two sites are not necessarily considered a high quality the chain, and finally get a site outside the chain of love for Shanghai search engine, I think the weight transfer is good. I have a domain name for three days do love Shanghai 3 weight natural flow over a thousand, while the site itself does not do any chain, just do a simple update Oh keywords layout a few false original article. Keywords ranking index and the number of a lot of sites to love Shanghai weight calculation tool will refer to the site, and in fact some station through the black hat Shanghai dragon can get a fast high ranking and traffic, PR is likely to be registered to the domain name of the original PR or get hijacked by high PR domain pr. Although the latter without PR, the weight is not very high, but his site for a long time, the love of Shanghai included many, for the love of Shanghai, the actual weight of the website is very high. The following is the summary of some experience for everyone a recognition of high weight links, hope to everyone Links exchange and buy the chain as a reference.


Shanghai Longfeng webmaster need often to send the chain or exchange Links, quantity and quality of a site outside the chain of the site keywords ranking is very important. We go to the exchange Links and other sites, the first thing to consider is whether our website and other websites mendanghudui. We all love the high PR and high weight, that the weight high website nature can pass on to our website weight is good, so as to improve our web site keywords ranking. But in fact, high PR and high weight does not necessarily bring benefits to our website, and sometimes also affect the impression on our website search engine.

Shanghai dragon do outside the main chain is the weight transfer to the other page of our website, we increase the weight of the site itself, so that the keywords to get a good ranking in the search engine. But we have to understand that not necessarily high PR high weight is a high quality chain, low PR and even PR weight can not bring any benefits to our website, of course, here we mean we use tools to detect PR and weight. Today Guilin Shanghai dragon prairie wolf will give you how to avoid high PR high weight chain construction in Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding about.

High weight website display on The Three site

tool PR website:

news station and some web portals, needless to say, whether a high quality the chain we must first determine this.


In addition to

, a website theme

Display the



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