How to resist the low tide of Shanghai dragon er


so this time you must be calm to face the present situation, sink gas, Shanghai Longfeng continue to strengthen professional knowledge, and adhere to the dream once sustained efforts.

face pay and harvest inequality


has been in Shanghai dragon industry in more than two years time, the explosion in the information era, the Internet information update quickly, face every day or things are so fresh; let us happy tour in the network, but as time superposition, engaged in Shanghai Longfeng industry will inevitably be the webmaster feel powerless, bumps along the way, constantly changing the search engine, website ranking in the moment of life and death, ups and downs, I believe we all feel.

now has a lot of friends in Shanghai dragon more and more confused, more and more friends because the cluster work at a loss, come down for a long time repeated every day to do the same thing, and always take Shanghai dragon as tools; there are also many a person alone doing Shanghai Longfeng work from dawn to dusk every day in front of the computer, waiting for it; you are weak and powerless, sometimes is too confused and unable to cope with. In fact, most of these examples meet the eye everywhere is not our technology and experience to hinder our progress, but our mentality, we in the hands of Shanghai dragon skills at the same time, in the face of some problems, or it is difficult to choose from or abandon, no more actively consult and solve

how to resist this damn low tide? How can we re ready to start

how to develop their own state of mind, of course, rely on their own, rely on a combat experience in actual combat, slowly learn to adjust their mentality, in actual combat training my mind mentality, always told myself, only calm, a calm mind to be in the best condition to deal with current encountered the problem, it may be possible in the shortest time.

in our industry, pay and harvest has been an eternal topic, the real talent shortage, the continuous influx of newcomers, Fuzao Shanghai dragon Er, feel more and more increasingly fierce competition in the industry, from the beginning of 2012, the Shanghai dragon found more difficulty is also increasing. The user experience has become more and more difficult, washing industry update too fast, follow the trend of increasing; so we gradually discovered, why pay the same even more effort, but the results just passable frustrating. This is understandable, we are in the midst of Shanghai dragon industry development stage, this is a kind of luck, is also a kind of misfortune. To seize the opportunity to make good use of the trend of the development of people is a kind of lucky, to always go with the others behind, is a misfortune and unwilling to take risks to develop new methods, new areas of people.

your attitude determines the success of

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