The line on the website before we must improve the work and get ready for what


a few years ago a lot of people are asking this question, like a written article, love to say this topic, may be tired of writing it, until now has not seen for a long time. Perhaps this is just now, when analyzing the website problems, always found that packet loss serious site:

1, the website

cannot be denied, a lot of people looking for A5 to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, we have rejected, and the reason is: This set of procedures, not optimization space.

sites are not handled properly, how can get effective ranking? Time regardless of search engines, users can not open the site, or slowly do, few people are willing to wait for you. For the hard environment mainly includes: DNS, and the host can be stable.


is a A5 to do the Shanghai dragon diagnosis clients ask me today: the website is not a ranking, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization better? I wonder why there is such a wonderful question? But also illustrates a problem: understanding the website optimization is not all really. Here the popularity of a knowledge point, which improve the site must be on the front line, to ensure the completion of the work process.

3, ?

normally, the construction sites recommend some mainstream CMS system owners choose to use, rather than the new map using some strange and eccentric system. In the process of the degree of perfection, and subsequent upgrades, these systems have a great lack of mainstream! Also some examples: Empire CMS, Knight CMS, CMS, Discuz, Phpcms, ant Ecshop, basically can cover most types of web sites.

other tips point, even if the information is not much, also do not go to flood collection, it is not making content, that is made to the Internet. "

Whether it is appropriate to

for the foundation, there are some requirements: first, the site of pseudo static processing? Second, whether the directory hierarchy is too deep? Third, the basic information of each channel are improving it (before there is a website, B2B classification, N channels are empty, they come to me for diagnosis.)? Fourth, have determined the basic site structure. Based on these, there are many details on Kung Fu, but the latter is easily adjusted.

The basic environment

2, the hard environment equipment is awesome

some website owners really don’t understand optimization, but the ranking is very good, there are many such sites, then what is it created? Website development for a long time, valuable information, is the main point of his success. There are more important point: basic optimization there is no big problem, otherwise it will not do. Of course, now the search engine, the degree of competition is so big, not to do perfect optimization, few can really catch up from behind.


based optimization is

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