Two reminders teach how to build the webmaster blog promotion station

personal blog all over the world, almost everyone has a degree. But the owners also know how to seize the blog to promote their site, save the cost of the promotion, and achieve better promotion effect. So the establishment of virtual host blog in recent years popular, but choose the virtual host blog site, the webmaster is aware of your own website with the virtual host in


of course, if using a programming language, you can choose the right according to the virtual host. As the United States has more than one virtual host IXwebhosting host package, also has a large support program except database capacity, can fully meet the requirements of the owners in the selection. The discount code CHILL10% in the Chinese station 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝 buy any of a host of packages, have free independent IP gifts, up to 15, it benefits a lot.

blog type generally has two kinds, one is WordPress, another is less, is zblog. These two kinds of programs in different languages, popular blog program WordPress is using PHP program, and Mysql database, only supports MySQL database. If you do not have these two conditions, the installation procedure is not successful, then the virtual host to buy affordable, is a waste of money. The zblog program is the use of ASP language, only support the Access database, taking into account the compatibility, but also pay attention to the virtual host selection. However, if we buy the Godaddy virtual host, the program will not have to worry about picking. Because the Godaddy virtual host support system, and Windows system, its support for ASP operation, the Linux system has the support of PHP, compatible with the two systems, from among the webmaster website program selection tangled.

space capacity is still focused on the selection of

of course, diverse American virtual host, be sure webmaster blog type > Qu

Virtual host

virtual host in infinite space and flow, but the domestic virtual host is often limited and limits are dead. So webmaster in establishing a blog station will take us as the preferred virtual host. The virtual host of infinite space and flow is as everyone knows, but in recent years, the price is also reduced, very suitable for the owners to set up a blog site. Like also Chinese station 贵族宝贝cn.lunarpages贵族宝贝 Lunarpages America is a virtual host, unlimited traffic and space of choice, and the basic type of package only 3.99 dollars a month, use the coupon code China30 30% more years to pay the purchase to enjoy preferential, and independent from IP.

station program should pay attention to

? Now most of the

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