Zhu Wenle the latest black hat cheating case secret group Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station

spider cheatThe

1. massive multi-level domain stations

is a similar case in early July appeared, but English Shanghai dragon didn’t have time to update the blog, at the time of the black hat Shanghai Longfeng practices are analyzed, but today together wrote a simple analysis of empty articles. To tell the truth the black hat Shanghai Dragon Technology and execution is laudability. But this kind of cheating way to collect fast, included a large amount, but the life cycle is relatively short, once the search engine recognition, inevitable K. Today to share with you a typical black hat cheating case group Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station.

will be a large number of articles were cutting restructuring, generate a large number of false original article, and the collected words, according to certain rules are inserted into the content.


4. using noarchive tag

" site:or.name", Shanghai; love show "find related results of 509000" and the about 500000 multi-level domain name included, is today the day included.

3. IP

The use of Why

Department of Shanghai Longfeng original blog >

will be included so much, and ranking is good? English Shanghai dragon now is to analyze the stations with which the cheating:

is busy recently, English Shanghai Longfeng not so much analysis, after the time you can rearrange, similar stations can also search for site:org.au. The evening of July 5th because it is written, this morning to see, these cases have been in love with the sea K out, I believe there will be other similar new group will come out, because the mass flow of the day, has produced a large enough profit space, at least more than input, otherwise no one do this the.

2. wheel

add noarchive tags in the web page, can ban love Shanghai save the web page snapshot, prevent the ordinary people through love Shanghai snapshot view to the original page content, to avoid a lot of people report.

technology to give spider sprocket, provide an entrance, can make the spider in a short period of time, included on all multi domain, without special external links. Such as: at the bottom of each site then has 10 Links.

spider IP special treatment, when the automatic jump when the user visits, and search the spider to visit the show page content.

and camouflage of the domain name, the domain name org, add WWW, gov and so on, try to deceive the search engine.

pseudo original content



We fell in love with the sea search


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