How can we reduce the customer complaints in Shanghai dragon

training their customers? Afraid they learned to throw away these Shanghai Longfeng workers? These problems Wang Shifan considered, finally found that the more of them one on one training can increase the relationship between team and customer, but also reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles, for the day after at the same time, laid the foundation for long term follow-up cooperation.

has been, Wang Shifan to the amount of consumption to divide their customers. Perhaps, some people will criticize Wang Shifan, at this point, however, never mind. Wang Shifan’s four optimization team agreed that the amount of consumption of more than 5000 yuan customers must reward them one of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge training, the training must not do things carelessly.

Why did Why

some people say that Shanghai is a dragon bitter rejection causes the readability is not high. There is also a blood occupation, tears! Wang Shifan is in favor of this view, in addition to the official Chinese also believe in the two generation or two rich generation every other occupation is not easy. We now need to do, not complain every day, is to think of ways to solve the problem of static under heart. Shanghai Dragon into the industry, because of the endless love in Shanghai the adjustment algorithm and influence factors of the keywords ranking situation, inevitably suffer from Shanghai dragon accused of customers and doubt. There is a problem, you need to find a way to solve the problem. How will the accused of customers to minimize? We need to solve today’s problems.

, a big, free of charge to the old customers of Shanghai dragon training

two, long tail keywords + key combination to win the customer’s heart

said "long tail keywords + keyword = win-win" is the universal formula? On the one hand, the long tail keyword promotion expenses plus not only can save customers, but also can greatly improve the conversion rate of the site, customers the ultimate aim is to enhance the performance of the company, they need the most accurate flow, but not every day to 1000IP can not bring a copy of the order of the results. On the other side.

many enterprise customers are not very familiar with Shanghai Longfeng, more do not know how to optimize cost allocation in the main keywords and long tail keywords above, this time we need the professional Shanghai dragon ER to help them to choose the keywords.

as to how to give them training, training which Shanghai dragon king Stephen? This advice is to write your own materials. The Shanghai dragon, is the Shanghai dragon customer groups materials. Some people will play tricks, to find some articles to fall in love with the sea together, Wang Shifan think this practice is not desirable. Teaching material must be personally crafted, how much time will be worth it. According to the customer’s knowledge of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, must be rough, do not need further, because they are the boss of the company, usually very busy. Let them in the macro on the Shanghai, there is a general understanding, if time and energy can be allowed, then slowly with their in-depth study of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge.

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