Fast lifting weights of the railway station four magic

is a magic weapon: keep the original content, search engines let love website

2, weight transfer. We said above, the high quality of the Links equivalent to the site cast a vote, such as your site is about the Shanghai dragon, then the Links is equivalent to tell the search engines, your website is about Shanghai dragon, and the quality is very good, the search engine will quickly improve the weight of your site.

The use of

Links is the best way to increase the weight of the railway station, a railway station, if we can get ten high quality links, so it will soon be the search engine trust; if you can get 100 high quality links, I think this website ranked up is very difficult.

has now accumulated more and more slowly the new weight, rankings more difficult, tens of thousands of Shanghai dragon Er heart very want to know such a problem: how to quickly promote the new weight? Today, I will take you to understand the rapid increase in the weights of the railway station to.

magic three: write soft release


magic two: exchange of high quality Links

A5 is very high, won the trust of the search engine, if can insist every day to write a soft article published on the A5 platform, will get a lot of natural reproduced, which can not only increase the number of the chain can also greatly increase the weight of the website. So far, this is the quality of the chain after the Links.

magic four: search engine related products

1, as a spider bait, attract spider. When the other web sites often have time to visit the spider, the spider will climb along the Links to your site, increase the site included opportunities.

we all know that the original content is very popular with search engines, the author has made an experiment, respectively for the two domain, and then use the same program website, two sites are the same theme, the first site every day update only a few articles of the original article, the second site is updated daily and collected many the false original article, after three months of experiment, the first website ranking significantly more than second websites.

search engine to the weight of their products is very high, if you can leave your links multiplier in the above. It is suitable to stay outside the chain where there is love, love of Shanghai library, Shanghai know love Shanghai encyclopedia, Shanghai Post Bar love and experience, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love weight is the highest, of course, is also very difficult to leave a link, when the Shanghai encyclopedia editor love must carefully, see good editor, naturally leave the chain. Like Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar love know that one day left a few links can be.

Links is equivalent to the site cast a vote, but the quality of this vote is very important, not just a website can easily link. The main high quality Links has the following advantages:

on the A5 platformThe weight of

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