A teacher in the eyes of the electronic commerce website promotion

now I am speaking about what is website promotion. Website promotion is very simple, is the website ranking optimization, user experience to go up, let your customers through the network to find your company. With this customer why do the same, if your site is done, no matter how beautiful, if no one to browse, no user experience, that your site is equivalent to a space station. Unless you are a government website or in the community has a certain position of the enterprise, I think that even if there is no Shanghai dragon, your website traffic is quite large.

Shanghai dragon is not long nor short, three months, three months time, I was more confident and more confident in frustration, frustration. Each assigned task, I am confident, I do not believe that others can do the things I can’t do. It is probably a good thing to do, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix, if you let love Shanghai ranking and disturbing, that you don’t need a job to make my life out of spirits. My boss once told me, not for a job and work. I think I am lucky, at least I love my present job. Although I didn’t get much recognition in many times, but I know that I progress. In many places, I have a lot of progress, at least the lazy university they have disappeared.

do Taobao around a lot of friends, when asked about their website or store how to do the promotion, they told me the same thing, I do not believe that Shanghai dragon. It’s a bit practical joke, I am a e-commerce division, my classmate also e-commerce division, but I chose the Shanghai dragon road.

I know a lot of e-commerce division eyes, Shanghai dragon is of little importance. But now, in my eyes, it is the most important thing in my life. Since the choice of the work, I will love my work, even if a lot of people say that Shanghai is on the network of civilians like dragon, I also choose to go on this way. Because I think a lot of things as long as you learn the knowledge of the It differs from man to man., and now you are still young, there is still much room for development, you >

in the professional e-commerce website promotion, this course also occupy a certain proportion of the. I remember our teacher professional website promotion this knowledge gives us a few lessons, but at that time we didn’t put it in my heart, only know that the promotion went to love Shanghai, may be young people’s mentality, we pay more attention to the results. Many seniors at the site of the road has gone for a long time, they are more likely to choose to love Shanghai auction, it also let us in the school is not the Shanghai dragon in mind. Chose the Shanghai dragon, I just start to feel my love is soft, because of his childhood love to write something, no matter how well written also continued to appear in the newspaper, and he is studying the network background, I think I adapt to the network this one is no problem, in fact, that I can to adapt to this job.

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