Small business ranking lasting time saving and effective

2, do well in the station optimization of keywords ranking plays an important role in

customers in small business station, the number of general content is very low, their requirements are relatively low, generally require us to put a few key words do go up, then of course we should make full use of internal web site optimization to do this a few key words, including website title contains keywords to optimize the website containing these keywords, even the website article contains these keywords, you might think this is too deliberate, or even think keyword density will be too high, in fact, as long as we do the site correlation, reasonable layout, all of this will be beneficial and harmless. Sometimes to the station optimization keywords > row

is very important

hot industry popular keywords, because competitiveness is certainly not the webmaster have this idea, but small business station can really do that, prior to the optimization, will make up words, you don’t need to spend too much time to deal with, especially for personal webmaster, every day to spend time on those customers stand above. It is not worth too much, there are a lot of customers site fee not much, we should pay attention to effectiveness, can make your day is not so tired, but also be able to make up words that is the best of both worlds.

Shanghai Longfeng practice and summary process is very important, ongoing analysis and summary of the operation had its own website, there will be some discovery and harvest, before I was to pick a single customer website optimization, website to all walks of life, often nothing will go to check before the optimized website, found many websites now the ranking is still very strong, though no one to maintain, but still every day with a new snapshot; keywords ranking no signs of decline, I think this is the webmaster want to see the results, if a web site is able to make up words, do not have to spend what time can keep good rankings of the long-term, it will is a wonderful thing!


1, the chain and the stability of

summed up the optimization of customer site of several important processes to share:

I think

if a website for a long time without updates, and keywords ranking is very good, it is the decision factors of the chain, the chain of stability for a web site keywords ranking plays an important role to keep. The chain should pay attention to the stability and quality of the chain, whether it is to optimize the customer site or other sites are so long, if you do not send the chain, the chain has not found much reduced, it shows you the chain stability is very good, for the chain released this way when there are many. The chain, the familiar places including the forum released a blog soft quiz catalogue and so on, no matter how the construction of the chain should be extensive, such as the soft, a forum account issued by the chain blog 10, 3 articles with 1 links and so on, in a word to a degree, the construction of the chain will be reasonable the more stable on the website, more lasting for keywords ranking.

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