Talk about the spark plan to bring Shanghai Longfeng change

Shanghai dragon spark program reform is not only the beginning, but from 2012 October began. Shanghai Longfeng change is not an accident, in the face of the Internet environment, more and more people began to rely on the Internet, there are more people in trouble when the first time to use the search engine to solve the problem, more and more people, also feel the experience of search engine users is getting worse, every time there are lots of search spam, and we want to know the content is less and less. Many of the popular industry, in order to increase site traffic, spared no expense to buy more links to optimize the website, often through the search into the user experience of the website are not high, but the content, many webmaster for the easy, direct copy of the article or collected articles on the site for maintenance, this it makes more and more technical articles to decline in quality and not very good for users to help. The spark plan started, is in love for Shanghai after the chain started to blow. That is to say, the chain part, not so effective as before. The impact is also upset the.

is the need to work together to maintain the development of the chain platform is to rely on everyone to work together to maintain, some webmaster provide for we can take the anchor text link or platform, so we should support them with our actions to support them and their platform better, so we have more chain effectively, the final benefit is shared. If you keep on

Shanghai Longfeng change change from the chain to the user in the era of era, the user time and to the content change of the times, on the formation of the "content is king, the user experience optimization a new era of search engines as emperor. The chain is still valid for network optimization.


spark plan can bring what change for Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon industry? Spark plan, we all know that a love for the original site of the Shanghai support plan, but also love Shanghai purification network, let more webmaster to rational time plan. So for the love of Shanghai spark plan, to Shanghai dragon industry impact how much? Spark plan can bring Shanghai dragon what change? We come through some examples to analyze.

chain in the whole algorithm, occupies the dominant position. Including the original era now with the advent of the role of the chain still can not be ignored. Just released the chain method will change, change. Since the original era, that we have released the chain platform is to adapt to the development needs, so, in order to make our chain more effective, more persuasive, the chain should be fully considered for these chain platform. Also let them to improve the quality, so we released the chain is best to take relevant content and readability, have some help for the contents of the website is released, to enhance our support for these chain platform.


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