Site drop right back an antidote against the disease that’s down to you

many sites may experience right down, some even pulled the hair or have been K, but different stations have different methods, different owners of the same drop right tend to have different processing methods, today for everyone on the wheat Wenwen site right down to two or three things, I hope there is some help for a some novice webmaster.

second, full of keywords can be derived, but can not be arbitrary. If the page is loaded with keywords, then it is easy to be punished or score. Some websites have hidden text, actually search engine for these also can easily judge them, but did not immediately make the punishment. The other is the website and edge ball contact, such as exchange Links, such as you are walking a fine line site, so it is dangerous, no problem when everything is normal, there is a problem you can ask what happened around the post, the answer is the nature of the site itself.

recovery right down several

.First, if the is down right

is second, if the server or space factors, then this must be resolutely to find the space coordinate, and find evidence, let them solve, the solution is not good if you change. Because we can handle business space, but the search engine will not, as long as the spider visit.

third, the server had Lisa factors: wheat because the server was punished for example. Because the site keywords ranking is very good, so after the attack, this room was sealed for 24 hours IP, open, just and stable for a while, immediately attacked, then the cycle of IP. And the original website weight is very high, the basic is seconds, so when the space or the server is not stable, the website ranking may not stable. However, because of quality or JS caused by instability, we must not tolerate.

The main reason for

is very high business value words, the search engine will not miss this opportunity, or do the bidding, or is there an open platform. If we feel by artificial intervention, then the best make a prompt decision change new domain name and website. Because the consequences will be grievous by artificial intervention, the general did not solve the method. Sometimes we really can not afford, so can only be replaced.

, the first external link does not rule: irregular external links there are two, one is to increase the speed was too fast, if you are very stable, but when a sudden accident would certainly have an impact, but the impact is very serious, the second case is that the provisions of the provisions of the link between this. It’s not a good phenomenon. For example, every day on time according to the release of the link, whether blog or forum, the formation of certain laws, is the search engine will be easily judged, so the significance is not large. But the impact is not great general internal links. Even if the internal links slightly more than the number of external links, the stronger the chaos.

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