The content page comprehensive analysis of 13 technology optimization of Shanghai Dragon


Shanghai dragon in the content of the pages of the Shanghai dragon optimized content optimization and optimization of page two plate specific sub sectors to conduct a comprehensive interpretation to readers.


(4) correlation, article content in general under the large range of TKD positioning. The content of this article focuses on the title.

. The content of the page content optimization scheme

(3) timeliness, the same useful information, others date, your date.

is now the chain spread, homogenization of serious, how to do the content, and through content to enhance the site’s ranking has become the primary problem of the owners, the Shanghai dragon recommend content, good quality, optimize the content and the content of the page, the real from the customer needs, good customer experience.

.This article first appeared

Internet era, we write a hand to consider the user, to the user to value the quality of the article content information, on the one hand to meet the requirements of search engines love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon to our website optimization operation.

?The moon will core

keywords, or when the article title keywords, text bold color increase or add links to prompt eye-catching effect, key content will be struck, a hint, or something important to say three times, three times, three times.

3. anchor text

related key words, can not be a short explanation but also very important, need to understand the user to browse, directly add anchor text to another information content. The user also to copy.

(2) have the audience, the topic of the article (you throw out a topic, never ask nobody care about something, then write again good, there is no value for others.

(1) to meet the needs of users, just need (others need A, you write B, no use for a people)

moon Shanghai dragon put this in the first class first intention is again, everything is to provide others with useful and efficient information based on the value, not the basis of all the optimization has no meaning.

only written release obviously not, some problems when we release the need to pay attention to our writing to meet the needs of users, with the site theme, with the title of the article, the site theme title since the positioning of a word, such as Xi’an bookkeeping, so the content in the column, it is necessary to have a certain embodiment of this article have a certain quality correlation. According to Shanghai dragon optimization standard. How to reflect the


2. is the first

we do in Shanghai Longfeng project, the only written editing and typesetting, publishing is good? Where reflects the Shanghai dragon optimized

The main value of

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