Let the mighty spider unable to extricate themselves into your site


keyword does not accumulate, or search engine will think this is a deliberate spoof, directly reduce your site keywords ranking, given page is limited to 1-2, the most important keywords on the home front, density control in 3%-5%.

1. patience is a virtue, I personally think that the more love to find their own website search.

, understand the search engine:

3. and user interaction. Millet is the best example.


Don’t try to

Update the content of

4. with RSS aggregate content.

and web search engine< >

6. will be connected to the site of the weight of relatively high site.

if you want to let search engines love you, to let you know the search engine. All you need to do the site of the plate, including the highly concentrated and very important keywords, the original title tag.

search engine and users are closely related. Let the search engine will let users love you, love you. However, users love you need:

two, let search engines know you:

2. frequently.

5. do not copy others data.

three, let search engines love you:


tag and title should be short and concise, specific, avoid spelling mistakes.

introduction: website traffic is a subject. It is not what magic; not what is not what secret trick. You can go through a series of basic principles and methods to determine why people browsing a website, and thus promote your online business.

search engine is a network information retrieval service based on it through the network spider as their soldiers everywhere every day tens of thousands of reconnaissance ", these spiders will often regularly update the website page and arrest and then deposited into the corresponding database and waiting to be checked,

Note: the

1. added value and related content. Such as: to provide customers with relevant or valuable articles, reports, blogs etc..

7. to attract traffic. Such as: the use of Links, create a signature (name, contact information, effective link), participate in discussion forums, online news release.

how to let the spider find your site search engine, maybe sometimes you do not know the site, if you want to effectively use the search engine to

The relationship between

3. a to Trinidad, the details of the perfect, promote you in the search engine ranking

2. search engines use safety protection system strictly prevent various cheating, so don’t try to deceive the search engine

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