You are the so called Shanghai dragon how much poison

" Shanghai dragon " three cases of

in the blog, see an article titled [resume and job search skills] article, in this paper, a man to write a resume by mail, have suggested that he should not resume the title key Shanghai dragon, the key word to apply for the position of the focus, and then this guy back to his sentence, you are Shanghai dragon poisoned too deep, ha ha, is really like this, then share your resume and job search skills [] this article to share ranking method in the buddy 58 city Ganji Zhaopin and some other job recruitment website, this method is very simple internal recruitment website resume the rankings, with independent Title keywords, and in fact about rankings only resume release time and refresh time. If your resume has been released Refresh ceaselessly, so your resume will be in good position, which is why some sites limit free refresh times, causes more than the number of charges, each refresh time to get a good ranking position, will increase the probability of being seen by the HR enterprises.

poisoning poisoning>

" Shanghai dragon " a

poisoning caseJust look at the Lu Songsong

is just a push for my classmates to ask questions about her blog is right down the problem, the original is the female’s blog ranking, in her blog a few days ago was down the right, I asked for reasons, I put her blog about it again, and is a typical type is Shanghai dragon a poison, I looked at her chain, all in the forum meaningless irrigation chain, or within the chain within the chain BBS signature, blog search engine ranking and interference is to do, to do so within the chain I’ve seen too many people too many, particularly in the area of Shanghai Longfeng class blog is always the case, such as the word Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon sort, when you write, write today Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon how, then Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon do anchor text pointing Home, I’m Shanghai dragon Er really Speechless, was deliberately added to the link, non rigid plug, seriously affect the user experience, but also interfere with the search engine ranking, and the signature chain, see a new post on the back of a good article ah, you like the meaninglessthis irrigation chain I really don’t know how you want to search engine, anti cheating general idea: if you are a search engine, I ask you this website for ranking? This website is not only in the rankings, shouldn’t it fall?! if you are a search engine, you the value chain such that it is where? If it has no value, it is not cheating?! when you don’t know what to do in the Shanghai dragon, very simple to stand on his own in the search engine perspective, online instead of China The soft, too much, don’t let these interfere with your thinking.

" Shanghai dragon " two cases of

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