The search engine response 10 days after the 301 redirect blog

***.cn is using Z-blog blog system, the domain name was founded in 2008, should be considered a certain historical domain. In 3 years, all of the articles are original blog released, about more than 540. Although I pay attention to the so-called Shanghai dragon, but because of space plus.Cn domain, during which experienced space downtime for many times, the longest time lasted 11 days, nearly destroyed I do independent of determination. Naturally, search engines have a violent reaction, first is the weight in the noble baby blog drastically, from the previous blog in seconds, now basically the next day to included; love Shanghai reactions mild, included the number of no great changes. Now, the domain name IP every day in 300, the half-dead. Because you can’t add a new fault recently discovered the use of domestic space regular (keyword filtering), in order to blog data security, to turn away his country.

in data migration to Godaddy, I do love by altitude station to hair even K, does not matter, so many years, now to see the light. Data transfer to Godaddy after the installation of the WordPress.

301 reaction

Because of the reason as everyone knows the Shanghai and noble baby love backThe first day of

ALENG blog, had to give up the domain name space ***.cn migration to Godaddy, in March 28th, I opened earlier registered the domain name ***.net, the migration of data to the Godaddy space into the blog immigration ranks, due to some complicated reasons, I only did to ***.cn home page 301 redirect redirect to ***.net, now in the past 10 days, I think of the 10 days to observe the search engine response is a simple summary.

301 redirect, love Shanghai and noble baby no response. The second day, Shanghai took the lead in love contains the ***.net domain name, respectively is two home, is the ***.net description of the new domain name, this situation continued until today; in the afternoon when the noble baby began included home. Third days later, the inside pages included increased gradually, the fourth day, began to flow in, the more amazing. Then the collection continues to increase, to today, has 1030 index, the old domain name individual pages before the noble baby ranking obviously has been the new domain name instead of ".

love Shanghai don’t have anything to say, is always cold, but it is worth a noble baby. The most important is the 301 redirection, noble baby transfer is very obvious for the so-called "weight, not only the new domain of individual articles completely replaced the old domain name ranking, some articles and even the old domain directly" crowding out "in the search rankings, >

The basic situation of

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