Study on the external factors of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon finishing skills experience


1, Shanghai Longfeng experience need to be fast, accurate

OK! When we learned the importance of fast, a lot of friends began to say that would be a little faster, or others to grab the first, others go to the front, I come to the operation will be very difficult, so every day to spend a lot of time network owners, the owners of the house, Shanghai dragon why 28, push, push learning skills, expert experience, and the cattle, we can absorb absorb again, a few months accumulated, really learned a lot, but there is a problem: the experience of others, we are listening, but not sure he said is not exactly accurate, suitable for their own use, so don’t believe all those so-called expert, maybe they will let you understand the deviation to the misunderstanding, to other people’s experience of their own actual research again, do Experience the accuracy, this is a good Shanghai Longfeng experience, these experiences through long precipitation will emit fragrance.

Shanghai Longfeng external factors research Shanghai Longfeng experience finishing techniques

Shanghai dragon

2, Shanghai dragon experience to do up the absorption and abandon

although the experience is a process of accumulation, but in the process of "how fast accumulation" this will become a powerful guarantee to improve our core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon. Last year, Shanghai Shanghai dragon love a lot of people pouring into raging like a storm, Shanghai dragon in this industry, to really knife knives, our competition is not a technical level, but how rich experience, and the rapid absorption experience level. I remember last year to the first half of this year, Shanghai dragon soft Wen promotion effect is very good, so more and more people study, the number of webmaster harvest started earlier, of people because all used to flood, the promotion effect is reduced many. So in Shanghai Longfeng experience finishing techniques, we need to do a word: fast.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. In the previous article "Shanghai Longfeng external factors research on integration and optimization of resources in the sea dragon" I introduce a point of view, it is a site of Shanghai Longfeng work there are two factors will affect our results, but most of the time we are in the study of the internal factors of technology. In fact, there is another very important factor, that is the influence of external factors, in front of me to share the ideas on Optimization and integration of resources in the Shanghai dragon, I will introduce some skills about Shanghai Longfeng experience finishing experience today. Will finish learning than not finishing learning webmaster webmaster progress quickly, as some owners also mixed some Adsense mix for three years, the gap here.

do not know whether we found every webmaster because of their environment and have different personalities, ideas are different, so it may.

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