Sentence search era how should we deal with Google hummingbird algorithm

in the hummingbird conference, Google will give the clear reply said: do not need to worry about, high quality original content will still have very good ranking, hummingbird is to help the baby can better distinguish the nobility and deal with these contents.

hummingbird answer ranking is still based on Google PR algorithm, PR algorithm is still in the calculation of many hummingbirds index of a hummingbird, therefore is not to replace the PR algorithm, a new algorithm is established on the basis of the foundation of PR.

hummingbird algorithm

Google is committed to the high quality of the original is still valued by Google, the hummingbird appears to be better to let the search engine to identify their

I search algorithm


hummingbird brought us

algorithm is a major method of Google launched a strong, according to Sinha revealed that the hummingbird algorithm is mainly analytic algorithm for the whole of the problem, and to find out the correct answer from the index and given a huge library of rankings, such a major algorithm is likely to affect the network% more than 90 of the search results.

hummingbird algorithm is not to replace the PR, it is established on the basis of PR algorithm

"Nanchang Shanghai Dragon – Xiong Wei on September 28, 2013 at 11:30 in the morning, the copyright to the directory of all cabinet, please indicate the source: http:>

Objective: The

dialogue search (English: Conversational search) a "hot words" Technology launched the search technology includes Amit, without the need for an interface, users only need to be noble baby search engine "OK baby aristocracy". Demo (in which a user asks a question about the Santa Cruz, in addition to search engine query results, but also to "talk" to answer. Noble baby Johanna · White explained that the search engine uses knowledge map data as the result: "mapping knowledge know, Santa Cruz is a place where the list of Santa Cruz."

hummingbird, presumably in the future for a period of time inside, have a very big impact on the Google rankings, volatility will naturally good, so Xiong Wei blog here to remind you to do foreign trade station friends, but must pay attention to oh……

cites the definition of Google Wikipedia knowledge mapping, one of which is like this:

Google, the search engine in the world influential star, celebrating its 15 birthday. In this long time, Google has experienced the reform and innovation of the countless times, but this time Google is to celebrate their 15 birthday such a significant day, once again launched a major algorithm following the last "caffeine" after the update, bee bird.

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