The advantage of Web site optimization in high weight website is reflected in what areas

first, the website ranking weight. This is inevitable for many enterprises website for a long time but the wood has updated snapshot always keep updated every day, which makes a lot of new friends in doubt, the most fundamental factor is the weight high reason, the reason may be manifested in the domain for a long time, or the server or the space is very stable. High quality content is high, the performance of the interface is very suitable for the user experience and so on may be one factor, may also be the factors. In a word, the website ranking is the foundation of weight, the weight increase is not a day for two days but the days and months multiplying several factors around, above long-term persistence, win the trust of the search engines and customers, so they show we often see the row of a very good condition.

second, the website weight high included fast. High weight website another aspect of the more obvious is that included speed, some large sites in both content and outreach has always maintained the user first philosophy, the most prominent is the site of A5, the content of quality efforts are crystalline and experience a lot of website operators, these articles is not just like a spider delicious, but the majority of grassroots personnel to optimize the operation of spiritual appetite, the content is almost wonderful collection of search engines, which also originated from long way the concept of service users and always adhere to the high quality of the more increasing, so the high weight website in different collection in our general site the reason is remarkable, if we have to do this, we must first improve the quality of website content, develop every day to update the site more fixed habits. The new frequency and high quality web content also makes our website increase, even the basic conditions to achieve this purpose of the seconds, to repeat these insist for a long time, I believe you will get your website greatly improved.

as everyone knows, the website weight website ranking and website to improve foundation, we establish in the construction of outreach all agreed to promote the high quality of the outreach, one of the high quality of the external manifestation of the way is the web site in the search engine’s weight, weight is also one of the reference basis for our site looking for high quality communications platform. Only one site high weight, the connection quality corresponding also will improve, then how can we judge the site weight level? Site weight of embodiment where performance? Today I want to talk about the high and low weight website exactly how to reflect? We only know these phenomena in the optimization process will view and improve their website weight and ranking.

third, the website ranking weight stability. The factors in what way? I can own site as a example, remember before I wrote of a web site because the server, the morning site was K, it is cause analysis of the ranking came back this afternoon. Are interested can look at the space, summarizes the reasons, the website is able to resume within such a short time, certainly from.

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