Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo sharing title label setting examples


tag set examples

now I was responsible for our company in Shanghai Longfeng mall optimization, so I also speak here under the mall product page title is how to set the. Our company is mainly to do website shredder / printer / fax machines and other office equipment, we all know that generally involves OA or IT equipment products in the sea search time to fall in love with a product model, the results are basically returned to Zhongguancun, Pacific, IT168, global network, such as the home computer is afraid of these large the IT website, and even Amazon, Jingdong mall, shop No. 1 shopping site. So you have to put a product optimization to these sites before the difficulty is very big.

[why you want to set the title tag]

The second is for the title of the

title tag is the title tag, a website may have hundreds or even thousands of tens of thousands of pages, so we need to separate these pages to define a title tag, instead of repeated use the default title. From the user experience point of view, a single title is not conducive to the user quickly to understand the page information. From the Shanghai dragon optimization point of view, obviously repeat title is almost impossible to create long tail keywords.

set of different industries should also need to be flexible in application, because we set the title is not just for the search engine is more straightforward for the user to know you this page information. In order to better describe the skill set of title tags, here is an example:


of course is not to say that for each page you add title tags can be set in, we need some tips, so as to play the role of the title tag.

how to set the label

first Zhongguancun basically cannot go beyond, because Zhongguancun is the Shanghai cooperation and love a man named " Aladdin " IT project, many products are basically.

you daily search should also have such experience, the general relevance of search results and keyword matching results close to agreement, often ranking keywords will be in front. We set the principle of love of Shanghai mainly follow the keyword search algorithm, which is the love of Shanghai released a search engine 2 mentioned keywords should as far as possible on the left front.

is the first in home outside no matter what settings need to put your name in the back of the site. Why can it home except, after all we will suddenly own website "brand effect", while others do not remember your website or domain name is when your keywords ranking also can’t play the role of the time, we often are entered into your site through search your site name. While the other page is the opposite, especially when it comes to the product page, the site name can be completely ignored.

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