Shanghai Longfeng abnormal thinking 2 months to get in on the sea P3000 tutorial

remember having seen such a word, learn Shanghai Dragon technology simply means that master the way of thinking and execution. A lot of people every day in the optimization of the site, while ranking does not have to. The reason is not your Shanghai Dragon technology is not good, the ranking of the site, to look at the key words intense competition, the strength of the opponent and the strength of their own. If your opponent is stronger than her, that you want more than he is a certain degree of difficulty. But there is no ranking, we can obtain very high directional flow.

In fact,

for some popular keywords, or it is difficult to row up, but for some long tail, with no problem or what. This is to learn to use high weight platform. Here’s to know love Shanghai as an example, introduces how to operate. This method, no matter for any industry, are.


the following figure, now I now want to optimize the electric Green Forum, green electricity forum is the author and friends just set up a website soon, the author is to optimize the promotion through this method. >

is obtained through this method, the directional flow of thousands every day. Now the push keywords has been ranked first. This keyword is up, the weight will be greatly improved, the site although there is no strong chain, but the site has now achieved the second, and the author also popular keywords to optimize the row to love Shanghai home before five. The introduction of this method is how to operate.

The The following is the author of The

is a learning network promotion, perhaps many relative to Shanghai dragon Er, my Shanghai Dragon technology is not outstanding, if the optimization using conventional methods, may for a long time my website will have ranking. We can look at the data, I say red place, my website basically are not outside the chain, a Links only, is another site on their own, and the weights of the website is very low, almost no impact on the ranking. Perhaps, for most people, the establishment of the website is to do at the beginning of the content and the chain optimization. My chain of this piece has been relatively weak, because I think too much trouble to do outside the chain, and the time spent a lot, and I don’t have much time to do the chain.

Website Optimization:

Shanghai Longfeng abnormal thinking optimization method to create search source method. I believe we all know the software method, but the index of the brush, to introduce today is not through the software to brush flow, but let the target customers take the initiative to help us.

domain name age is 4 months, the real time station for only 2 months. For two weeks I wrote a site for a month to get stable 1500IP directional flow of the post, was only given data, and did not explain is how to operate, today I will tell you the way, I hope everyone can give a optimization provide a direction.

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