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uses the capture function of the blog 2009 software and the pseudo original processing function to collect articles on a topic, and then publish it to a completed blog or forum. Each station can be maintained around a related theme, not too cluttered. If the forum post finished, can also be used against and reply in the forum group of top software bugs. The contents of the initial fill should not be linked or interconnected. In plain text format, avoid being suspected of being a garbage bin or link factory by SE. At present, space acquisition of the original rate is higher, the other is only supported by directional acquisition, plus their own collection rules customized. When you release, you can use some control of the parameter D section, and you can do some pseudo original processing of the content. In the future, the software will be more powerful pseudo original and custom keyword collection to upgrade and support.

in order to enhance the role of investors in start-up companies, we will generally nominate a board member representing our interests in the A round of financing at the latest. However, we rarely nominate directors for venture capital rounds, because we think it is better to let management of the start-up team manage their own teams in the early days of entrepreneurship.

Promotion and release of

applications for domain names and independent IP space, because the requirements are not high, so of course, the cheaper the better. Space 100-150 yuan, domain name 20-50 yuan a, a website cost not more than 200 yuan. In the early stage, you can build a few, observe the effect, and then you can build a few more, the more the better. Site program from the above selected, blog and forum can be. The software will likely be more support for other programs.

our directors usually meet each month. Beware that investors want to control the board of directors in the A round of financing or seek the same number of board seats as management.

introduction: creative ideas, plenty of money, a bunch of people around you. In the foundation of these three magic weapons, you should know more about the relevant terms in the venture capital field, and make them a stepping stone to your success.

stock option plan: in the seed stage, we usually will stock option plan 10 equity% – 15% companies used in the company’s internal.

: in some ways it was difficult, but it is also very important, because some investors especially those non standard type or a type of angels control may use the board to usurp company.

site built, added to the software inside. If it is a blog, you do not have to register your account and fill in the system administrator’s account number. If DZ can join in the blog website forum, 2009, and a large number of copies, after batch registered account can close the forum verification code, before registering faster, after the forum registered good account, can close the registration function, prevent other people group. When you need to register, open it again.

1., the first step is to build

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tranches Investment: after you know the size and valuation of the investment, you will then encounter the term investment section. In order to cover up the negative impact of investment, an investor investment can be split into multiple parts, to every sector investment needs of entrepreneurial companies meet some conditions, including users, revenue, the level of product. Only when these conditions are met, another part of the investment will be released.

creates SOP editor’s note: SOP, that is, standard operating procedures that describes the standard operating procedures and requirements of an event in a unified format for guiding and standardizing day-to-day work. The timing is important: if the investment terms list shows that the plan should be created before the transaction closes, the equity will be taken from the original stockholders’ shares. If the SOP is created after the transaction, then the investor’s shares will be diluted.

3. enrich website content

4. website

The board of directors of

due to the rapid and convenient 2009 software bugs blog website management, makes a new model can be easily implemented in Wangzhuan blog 2009 software support. Here are some ideas and ways to realize it.

2. adds a website to software and registers an account

2009 Professional Edition software bugs blog, in addition to publishing large portal blogs and forums, can also support ZBLOG, WORDPRESS, DISCUZ and SupeSite X-SPACE space forum. All these standard procedures used to build the site, you can use software to manage, management functions include: registered accounts and publishing articles, delete the basic operation of these articles.

creative ideas, plenty of money, a bunch of people around you. If you think this will support your start-up company, you are simply wrong. In the foundation of these three magic weapons, you should know more about the relevant terms in the venture capital field, and make them a stepping stone to your success.

web site built, and the data is good, you can put these stations URL or keyword link string plus parameter D.g, through blog 2009 released >

in the seed period and the A round financing, we tend not to decompose the investment too piecemeal, because in the early days it is difficult to create landmark results. In the seed period, we tend to integrate the investment, occasionally divided into two parts. And in the A round, it’s about the same. If it’s a bigger investment, we might have to add an extra part.

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