Rational treatment of love Shanghai 7 21 comprehensive analysis of site problems

5, this update we should not underestimate the love in such a fierce competition in Shanghai still dare to do so, then it is not love what Shanghai can save you heart measures? You also don’t worry, now also do not rush to take what I think the anti love sea alliance, or get to establish their own the website is good.

July 21st that day, I found 4 websites have a home page snapshot not, no home on behalf of a website is also love Shanghai update K off, which makes me feel very heartache, through analysis and observation in the past two days, I summed up some love Shanghai in this update the rules below me about my analysis, I hope to be able to help you.

The 7.21

6, love Shanghai update is large range again adjusted from 6.22 to the beginning of a month today, I have been accustomed to the love Shanghai love Shanghai updated several times, an update on behalf of a site is down right, this is inevitable, if the site is not eliminated, don’t the Internet is a waste place?

7, 6.22 event is a starting point, and the 7.21 event is certainly not end point, webmaster friends, change your site in this month.

3, the love sea K station can also be seen as a kind of measures to continue to enhance the user experience, the webmaster don’t let down, I think it is possible that the K stations will continue, now basically a big update frequency is kept at 1 weeks after the last 6.22 is the 6.28 together for 1 weeks. Then 6.28 to 7.13 together for 15 days, and 7.13 to 7.21 a week, I estimate the next update time is either 7.27 or 8.5, everyone to be careful.

1, 7.21 love Shanghai update is a continuation of the previous three big update, the update is not the lack of a part of webmaster website ended by the K situation, and this kind of site according to my analysis are some diligent webmaster, daily adhere to the original writing, adhere to high quality daily the chain of people, can think of love like that Shanghai is not the legendary unfeeling.

2, the love sea K station can be said is a counter attack on 7.18 events, and how the webmaster alliance, I love Shanghai K station still not mistaken, I estimate love Shanghai now the idea is "I would rather negative 1000 people, can not make a person responsible for me". We care now love Shanghai Oh, do not lose the greater.

4, 7.21 this is a test to the webmaster, I see the A5 forums are talking about love Shanghai big update events, and for small owners to love Shanghai update might make our jobs a little piece of meat, I think as long as your site itself is no problem, then the opposite if in this update is K, we can also go to the representations, such a good site might cause love Shanghai seriously, this can be regarded as a blessing in disguise!


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