The common problems in the use of noble baby Analytics five




now, I search for new words again, click on the search results and access to the site. When the page is loaded, check the cookie value figure is still 1156. When the access times did not increase. But if you by httpwa>



then, I search my blog in the name of love in Shanghai, visit the website and then click on the search results. When the page is loaded, check again cookie, now the last group of digital utma cookie increased again, became 1156 times. My current visit.

A series of common problems

this problem in the beginning I also cannot understand, or even directly attributed to the loss of data, and even the great firewall. But later found that the answer is not so. The answer to this question some blogs and forums in the overseas: when visitors in an interview two times to enter the site search keywords, index data access will be recorded in the first keyword. But in order to record second visitors visit the site search keywords and the behavior of noble baby Analytics will also record second keywords, but not duplicate records in data access. So is it really? We do a verification.

your keywords report with a number of visits was 0 words? These words may be from a noble baby or Baidu, or any other search engine. These words the number is not large, but in the number of visits, page browsing depth, residence time and other indicators are shown as 0. This situation in my report is some, such as the above report. I think most of friends should have come across this situation. This is why

noble baby Analytics continue to update this week, mainly to solve some of the details in the process of using. For example: some key number is 0 visit, most of the reported data volume is not large, even ignoring it will not affect the trend. For example in the report, if you use the report level filters according to residence time information filtering. These are the details of the problem, but they can help us understand the deeper understanding of the working mechanism of Analytics noble baby. Below we will begin to introduce.

we all know, the last group of digital Analytics utma cookie in the noble baby is used to record the number of visits. Before accessing the site, let’s look at this figure. In my own blog cookie, I show up to present the number of visits was 1155.

, why do some keyword access times is 0

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