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this is the blog of the Shanghai dragon road, the blog blog, is a good way to improve your blog weight, long-term persist, the effect will be very good! Than you who deleted the chain of

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to do their own blog, this article so I think I write to you is of help, Shanghai dragon to blog blog blog will tell you how to promote your blog

is much better!

this is a way, through the love of Shanghai space effect is very good, there is a Sina blog, blog, blog Sohu, NetEase blog, more famous blog site, to register their own blog, the blog every day to send a chain, so the accumulation effect is the best. The content of the chain, of course! Original is the best, but if not to the original words, then copy some popular controversial content, or simply copy some controversial but not worth a look! Remember directly its content can change the title,

at the time of this writing, I think for a long time, look back on the experience you do this blog this month, and then search the Internet about their love of WordPress, and found the following news! "In Beijing on November 11th news, according to foreign media reports, WordPress founder Matt · mu; Ludwig Lun (Matt Mullenweg) on Thursday confirmed that the WordPress blog content now has more than 60 million monthly unique visitors, more than 300 million." Three hundred million a month, what is this concept, so that the competitiveness of the blog is still very large, especially the wordpress blog competitiveness is also very big

so blog Shanghai dragon is essential, so how to do their own blog Shanghai dragon??


today to tell you is to blog blog, you can register multiple users more blog, registered well after their existence under the username, password, alone down in a notebook. Inside, so easy to find after the login! My case in Shanghai love space, you can search for this article let your new station a month to Shanghai dragon ", when I just released my love in Shanghai space, immediately to the Shanghai search for love in love, love this space belongs to the Shanghai Shanghai, everybody knows, you release a thing, certainly is the second, when I query the article was released less than a minute, right away, so it is effective outside the chain, but also will not be deleted, in your love Shanghai space as shown below:

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