The effect of the weight of the three elements

: the quality of site content and fresh


three: traffic steadily increased

two: the quantity and quality of the chain of

in search engine optimization industry after entering the PR era, the optimization of personnel needed to find an alternative to PR reference data. The weight is naturally second CIS position. This is so important for the bright younger generation of our site, so what about the main elements of the weight level? Today I will affect the weight of three factors to share their experiences. I think the level of weight is mainly by three factors about. Are: site content, quality and innovation of the chain quantity and quality, and improve the stability of the flow.

chain is a good method to improve the weight, as we all know, the chain can transfer the weight, especially we can through the chain to achieve good transmission effect of weight. And because of this, many webmaster optimization can make friends of the chain, can’t wait for the release of the chain of the site, but the site’s weight has not significantly improved. At the same time, some owners will use some optimization tools to the chain of the mass, but a large number of low quality links to your site and can not bring much help, the opposite may cause unnecessary search engine punishment. This author believes that the low weight of new sites can not take the chain as a "panacea", the chain to a site is just a "vitamin", reasonable and steady development of the chain, not only in the number of efforts to more efforts in quality is the fundamental construction of the chain.

flow is a site of the station, no matter you are advertising or site profit conversion rate, no flow means that your site has failed. The same flow for the weights of the influence is great. We can change from the weights of the site recently discerned. The author’s site for revision, not do 404 error page, resulting in the loss of a large number of site traffic. On site by the original ip600 plunged to about 100 or so. While reducing the flow reflected obviously in the weight value of the site. As shown in Figure two, I use a network query tool for love weights, weights with the flow of the site of a regular wave. How to deal with the traffic problem? The answer this question a lot, I want to tell you here with his experience, need to optimize fine.

about the content of the site quality has been a little but I want to say a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is the search engine pay more and more attention to the quality of the site content is a kind of trend, with the algorithm of updating, search engine readability to site content requirements are constantly improved, by improving the content of the site at the same time, improve the quality of the contents. Can also improve the user friendly experience has profound influence. We should not only in the content of the quality of work, in the content of the fresh degree also should pay attention to, Google last year has been updated the freshness of the algorithm, the more fresh content is more likely to get the favour of search engine.

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