Love Shanghai once again launched a plan to protect the original search results page of the original

so, in addition to the original, there is more need to pay attention to the details, such as the site of professional, open the speed, the quality of user feedback, and so on, we should think about it, what is the source of love Shanghai protect the original purpose? Chase is the time to make the users search for certain words to get fresh content for is to improve user experience, so it is absolutely impossible, because you are fresh contents, give up the real needs of users.

original article is not a website. The original search just a small factor ranking, he can’t decide the overall situation, even if the original plan to start, can ensure a copy of your article ranking no more than you, but does not guarantee that the search for a keyword, your ranking in front, because tens of thousands of a keywords the corresponding results, your article is just one of them.

love Shanghai once again launched the original protection plan, and the original articles of the original logo in the search results page, this move really caused a lot of discussion in circle, cheering there, questioning is also opposed to have.

but whether questioned or oppose it, love Shanghai and unmoved, braving the technical risk and legal risk, the original must walk the road, what is the theory behind, we can make nothing of it.

cheerer seems to see the spring, the original article finally protected, the article will show better in the search results page; but skeptics from technical and legal level that the love of Shanghai is difficult to do the original protection, even if the technology to realize the original recognition, but also can not avoid the flaws, resulting in the legal dispute; opponents argue that the original article is not necessarily for users, users search through the love of Shanghai, just want to find a satisfactory answer, and do not care about is not original, high quality articles is the ultimate user demand love Shanghai.

but there is one point, we can analyze, on the surface to protect the original love Shanghai does not have a direct positive, you are not as long as it is original, high quality articles to meet the needs of users, can improve the user experience on the line, the original one identifies the original plus, easily being reported even legal disputes. In fact, this is a long-term plan, the protection of the original, is to safeguard the Internet Ecosystem, if plagiarism can be successful, the original can not see the light, which will ruin the source of fresh, all over the world have been floating in and out of the outdated information, the biggest victims still love Shanghai.


in addition, the original protection is only a kind of incentive means, the ultimate goal is not to let every article Renzuguizong, and he was found from where or who is the author, just want to tell you that the original protection, should pay attention to.

then come back again, don’t love Shanghai to start the original protection, the original site can be very influential yet, those non original site to the west too thin?.

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