How to exchange Links and skills of others

three, see the website content depends on the speed of the site visit

chain suddenly rise and fall for the pros and cons of website promotion we all know. But for many webmaster exchange Links when the chain this factor is not how to care. Even sometimes even if your website is not outside the chain, if included in the new snapshot. I think it is holding its own website to do the experiment, because the chain no matter more or less, there is a big absolute relationship with the rank of the website. While the chain website is not low, when you see so many outside the chain number, will judge the site First impressions are strongest quickly get good rankings high weight, while ignoring the chain to see each other website to increase speed, if each other the chain is not stable, two days before the 300. Today is 1000, but a few days can be 3 thousand words, you can not guarantee such a fluctuation is down right or be K off? So, exchange Links should pay more attention to the other site outside the chain increased, after all, be careful not to what a bad thing.

, a look at the site of the amount collected every day but also pay attention to whether included

many webmaster in exchange Links, although mark requirements included the amount of how much, but I think this is simply nonsense, included some of the old station is very large, but the amount collected every day is almost zero, until the search engine will put out a big update page. By exchanging Links with such a favorable site? So, for the amount collected, actually should not be too general pursuit of the amount collected, but every day are included, included have been deleted. This is a website keywords, after all, included every day, every day that the spider crawling station grab content, some just update the page snapshot to myself what is the use? This is many webmaster see their website promotion obviously with many large links, but has received very little reason. So, the exchange Links, whether included every day is very important, not only is the website included amount.

two, see the site outside the chain does not look at the current number, look at the history of increasing trend of

content is Links exchange is the most important part, and is not an article to see, we can through the other website to promote the search function in exchange, by searching some unhealthy words, see each other website there is no return to the corresponding content, nature can know the content of the website the other is healthy or not, after all, the network against unhealthy content is very strict, want to do long-term regular stations should be kept away from such content, but also do not think that with such a station swap does not matter, not what effect. And the website access speed, now the website promotion also included a reference object is the space access speed, after all, the space is stable not only affect the ranking, but also affect the user experience, so the search engine requirements for space also increased. As for some open half of the site Links, is actually.


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