How to select the keyword optimization process

search keyword is, here is mainly to prepare for the calculation of selected target keywords and keyword performance behind. At the same time, do the analysis of competitors in this step can be. The same can be shown in the form of a list. We can search through the search engine, the number of search keywords are obtained, and then select the ranking in the top ten, the PR value, the number of the chain, the keyword density to the competitor analysis. Various keyword tools can be used here to provide online statistics.

The second step:

2. degree of competitionThe

fourth: calculate keyword performance, there is a specific formula, of course, this calculated result is a relative value for each key comparison between general efficiency. The formula is as follows:

5. select the target keywords and long tail keywords

1. according to their own website lists a number of related keywords

7. page layout of the keyword

The third step: the number of

keyword is 3. times

4. keyword performance calculation


8. according to the industry rules, at the same time step to select different keyword

keyword search efficiency = / (normalized number of search results X0.4+ standardized bidding price X0.6) standard here refers to the number of results according to the results obtained after scaling. Choose >


through the use of search engine keyword tools, statistical list of key information, the degree of competition in order to view the key. Here you can list the love statistics from Shanghai and Google in the information respectively. Love Shanghai and Google can be downloaded by the keyword list, with Excel or txt file saved. Of course, Google did not love Shanghai kind, love Shanghai can only download the keyword list, data have to supplement. Google is a very complete Excel form.


6. to establish the long tail keywords form

first step: according to their own website lists a large number of industry characteristics related keywords, here refers to the establishment of a list of keywords in general. Through a variety of ways and means to obtain keywords as much as possible, can be in the Excle table are listed according to the type, such as synonyms, typos, determiners, function, attribute, action, comparison and so on, such as the author’s website is a medical examination class website, then through the love of Shanghai index and competitors the website lists and medical examination related keywords.

Shanghai dragon in the process of optimization, keyword selection is a very important step, but also can be said to be a good first step in Shanghai Longfeng, we began to discuss how to optimize the specific keywords, the following are mainly select the keyword of practical operation, and errors in the process of selecting keywords. The following aspects of

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