Love the latest Shanghai station strategy algorithm

3. Amoy link. After careful observation is not difficult to find the most updated k guest site is the basic page code contains a large number of guest site code. The page contains many guest links will make the spider antipathy, even think that just for the pure "advertisement" guest promotion site, no real value for your visitors, so will the site into the sand box or K light. Therefore, with a large number of guest link site should as far as possible through short URL procedures or other ways will be the guest site conversion to other links, to improve the site.

1. home page, the page layout is reasonable. Because many owners to quickly get the home page ranking, the user experience is poor, is the direct product picture layout, the user can quickly get to find information, time on site is very small, resulting in site quality is not high. Therefore, we have to do is to the user experience as the center, the home institution and try to typesetting concise, beautiful, have a good impression on the user, extended page time. There is a very important point, keyword density control. Because many webmaster to a keyword ranking, will be on the front page a large number of overlapping the keywords, although there will be effect, but in the long time, the negative effect will be greater than the positive effect. So, if your home a large amount of keywords, and the emergence of these words is not reasonable, then quickly delete

believes that many webmaster in happy over the years, Shanghai has ushered in a head-on blow in a love, the end of the month at the beginning of February there are a large number of Taobao off site is K off the home and even love Shanghai station, is eye watering. This also means that the love of Shanghai started a new round of algorithm adjustment, during which the change is so unstable website. The website station occupies large quantities, can be said to have been flooded, and the high quality of the site accounted for very little, so the station can have no love for Shanghai’s goodwill, so when the adjustment algorithm always cause a large number of Amoy owners have. So, for this update, we need to do what the station

2. page structure optimization, reasonable chain. A real website will win the spider love. The more content, the higher the frequency of the spider visit. In addition to quantity, quality is more important factor. If your article is copied, the titles are too lazy to change, so long after the station will be abandoned spider. So, the site as far as the original content, or at least to modify the false original article. In addition, if each article you have a large number of web page anchor link, then quickly deleted! This update, increase the proportion of love Shanghai website page control, pay more attention to the quality of the content of the website. In the chain of the site should be closer to the rational, not to forcibly add keywords. In addition to the above two points, the content of the website should have clear content and different levels, placed in a different directory at the same time, the structure of the station clear in the convenience of visitors, they will also win the spider like.

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