Not what the essence of Chengdu teahouse good local service APP

job experience, most enterprises only pursue strong executive level of the people (can not say that I cannot accept some talent), I dare not to brag about how valuable, but I think I am thinking of the Internet, mobile Internet thinking and learning ability is relatively better. Hey ~ but ah, the orthodox thinking said step by step dry up HR I really don’t have anything to say, of course, this is each enterprise have some ideas, very normal, who the money people stupid, okay for a green hook ran a management job?

said the Chengdu side are most current outsourcing or product team Sike, come to talk about my own value place. In fact, it has been recognized by the mobile Internet thinking is very simple, that is: where are you? What you might need? OK, and around this, do localization services APP is a breaking point, now several industry observers APP, "hungry" and "tomato." this kind of food and beverage industry, La APP is to seize the good opportunity of the O2O office, with more and more high, the software park brothers live more and more moisture, the canteen cook cook meals and around all kinds of cheating traffic is a great opportunity.

IT teahouse community tea Chen Xin initiated the topic " recently saw a circle, found here in Chengdu really not what good local service APP" caused intense discussion, he also published his views. Recently in the impoverished stage, looking for a reliable point of the company with a good fight, but also to solve the problem of food and clothing simple, but really I too tender, it is not in the company’s eyes, this was the season, also wrote articles to express the feelings of sadness, also can have interest communicate, know a friend, a bowl of rice to eat.

is now the Chengdu side of the Internet Co there is a polarization trend, a large number of foreign elite enterprises settled, the local dominant enterprises footing, making Chengdu the emerging Internet paradise becomes like a raging fire, the recent fruit products users exceeded 100 million news really bad ah, past the sun out of saw panken buddies at noon break a good team, really think. But at the same time, a large number of see the rapid development of the Internet or mobile Internet novices (including me) also tempted the hearts of customers, to create a career passion, actually this is not wrong, but the side of the pattern, the majority of enterprises are still immersed in the joy to erode the traditional outsourcing business, only the team meet the eye everywhere a good product, not only need technical support but also the need of the market and the demand is running in many pure products of the children were forced to suffer the thing, this results in my opinion is only one, when the traditional enterprise big cake is divided more or less the same time, if you can not form a whole industry control and independent products, sooner or later become Internet workers, which had to realize the ambition of business executives will be painful.

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