Links love Shanghai snapshot of the problem

of course, this is just a personal idea, master let go, and we also hope that the discussion of QQ:1587646432, finally, the ownership of Copyright: Guangzhou infertility.

medical station recently has become more and more difficult, many believe that snapshot than normal medical website snapshot has been delayed, which so many owners worry about them, in order to solve this problem, we are on the original update website content, on the other hand to do the chain attract spider crawling, and a way to exchange friendship the link is outside the chain but, in exchange Links process, I believe that most owners would touch each other for snapshot or within three days of issue.

so, personally think that if a website Links excessive snapshot is not normal website, will cause the weighted results beyond the baseline, influence your own web site, of course, if their website weight high enough to exchange several snapshot slow website, then, is not enough to affect their.

therefore, sometimes, the exchange chain need to see what the station need, if your station snapshot is not normal, very slow, it may lower the requirements of others, the pursuit of a new snapshot, included the station, attract spider crawling, increase included and update your website, on the other hand and if your site has a certain weight, also does not necessarily require the website of the other side must be a new snapshot, in fact, is just a snapshot of the new site weight only, which may need you to hold. I think the key is the bottom line of the problem is the most difficult to grasp.

now I think, this is not absolute, a love of Shanghai website snapshot problem, may be caused by many factors, to love Shanghai website snapshot arrangement, is caused by a lot of factors, which should have a bottom line, as long as the result of various factors and the weighting does not exceed the bottom line then, Shanghai will always love the snapshot update, this is to have a lot of friends for a long time did not update the site, why didn’t do the chain will be daily snapshot or snapshot, if many factors and weighted results than the bottom line, love Shanghai snapshot is not normal, no longer updated, so some of my friends even if the content is updated daily, the website Links all the latest snapshot is not new.

fact, as Google’s gone, many webmaster, especially many webmaster medical sites focus on the love sea, a very important embodiment is put in the love Shanghai’s request, at present, generally have several common views, love Shanghai more new snapshot represents the spider love Shanghai the frequency of love, Shanghai Shanghai not updated snapshot represents love to give you a right down signal etc.. See an article once cited example shows that as long as they keep updated, although there are a lot of Links snapshot is very slow, even not updated snapshot, but a snapshot of the site has been the latest, he also saw many such sites, was that it is like this, it now appears that this view worthy of discussion.

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