Keywords enterprise website promotion strategy


didn’t write a few years, speaking also busy making excuses, how busy can always squeeze a little time, so today specifically to squeeze a little time, many of my friends asked me how to optimize the enterprise website is reasonable, from what aspects of optimization, many of my friends are very confused. I have other… Can I tell you frankly also once vacant. In fact, the first need to key need to position their direction. I found the most basic most at the website where there is a very big problem, not to mention the ranking, of course some good ranking is not necessarily well optimized, at present most of the domestic enterprise website there is a big problem, because some may do a little better ranking is very good, or do stand a long time and other advantages hand. Most enterprise website content is not updated, the most basic things, there are some problems, such as the Title Active does not contain the keyword. Don’t say so big range.

after building the first is to solve the problems included, with some weight high website, mainly for the spider can smoothly climb to the site, before ready to give them some delicacy (high quality original article), let the spiders will naturally enjoy, solve the problems included. At first I arranged 2 people find the content, the content is original, but also give them training! But I still want to check the contents of the quality problem, mainly to ensure instation optimal description text, keyword density > position adjustment

not long ago I took an enterprise website, hope to complete the more than 10 word specific website ranking, I will not say, some secrets about the site is not convenient to disclose. In the enterprise web site of some of the top word I removed, the main consideration for word inclusion and industry portal station location to commandeer, competition is so removed so we have to choose the target must be very strong words (the main reference to set their own business) began to design to more than two months the key to the time from the first page of website, most in the first place. A total of 6 staff at my disposal, the company is mainly some new salesman, the old salesman certainly no time.


or cut to the chase, I talk about some of the optimization experience.

selection is very important, it is very important to your success and failure. Before I mentioned in this article, the more wordy sentence, first analyzed the key words related to you, a list, then screening (need to consider a number of factors are determined according to your own situation), the next step is to consider what the page to do what kind of words, it can according to you the competitors to set. Then is a station need to be considered: the choice of procedure, to meet the needs of what kind of function, the website structure (including flat structure and tree structure), web site hierarchy, static, directory folder with keywords, keyword writing, page size, keywords appear the position of the keyword density, bold and italic, content, concise code 3WC, web standards, user experience degree etc..

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