Want the website please stand head and shoulders above others to improve the website design began

: the first unique website color, prominent feature of the web site

second: simple website layout, so that users can easily browse

believe that every webmaster want to site to site from the rival stand head and shoulders above others, talent shows itself, if you really want to do, then you should consider starting from the website design, I said through the following suggestions to improve the website design, I believe that you can stand head and shoulders above others.


before writing this article, the author also engaged in two years of site construction work, found that most of the webmaster asked the author to use light blue as the main colors to the website, the proportion is almost 80%. But I often find they blindly follow the trend, choose light blue website ranking is not ideal, and even with the flow, the conversion rate is very low, which is why they repeat the tone let users have a great plan. Indeed, the light blue is a more elegant, suitable for general website color, but also with some unique color station, it is not a bad thing, just like our Sina website, the website yellow as the main colors, resulting in a difference with other news websites:

The external image of

can sina贵族宝贝.cn become one of the important details of the first news portal to your site so that the first is to replace stand head and shoulders above others, your old fashioned light blue color, specific color or by your site type is determined, the author here is not a detailed explanation.


so what is a good site layout? I suggest you webmaster should streamline the site layout, so that users can easily browse. That is to say, to do this to remove advertising will remove advertising, the removal of flash>

now many webmaster pursuit website, website that will attract users more and more gorgeous. But the real situation is not so, according to a survey, in 70% to 75% of users believe that the site layout is as simple as possible, too fancy but will make people dazzled. Therefore, the pursuit of gorgeous website is often the The loss outweighs the gain. There are also many webmaster for website profit, put more advertising to fling caution to the winds on the site, causing the user can not tell who is who is the content of the website advertising. The layout of the Internet is most of the site selection, layout that not only leads to repeated user fatigue, also allows the site to be cast into the shade.

This is why

has some operational experience of the webmaster may all have a common feeling, is your own website with other peer competitor websites both from the layout and structure of the website, the website color is similar, although it has little effect on the webmaster, but to browse our website users is a kind of pain. Looking at the same color, the same layout of the site, who also thought to watch

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