Sea Amoy new model bonded electricity supplier shop floor compliance has been questioned

financial weekly newspaper reporter learned that, at present,,, Alibaba, and other well-known electricity providers were waiting to enter the Guangdong free trade zone area.

financial weekly trainee reporter Wang Siqi / Shenzhen reported

improve the quality of life to promote overseas purchasing industry unpopular.

according to Analysys think tank data show that in 2013 Chinese cross-border electricity market transactions was 2 trillion and 700 billion yuan, an increase of 28.8%. 2012 China cross-border electricity supplier market transaction size of 2 trillion and 90 billion yuan.

a large number of business opportunities so that more and more brands to join the snatch war, in addition to the Internet heavyweights, as well as part of the newly established company. Most of the sea Amoy goods can only be served through online shopping, as a result of their own goods do not impose a tax levied on goods tax, so the sea Amoy price is competitive.

however, recently founded less than two years – Wyatt preferred cross-border electricity supplier in the bonded area outside the establishment of the bonded store, the same entity with the online cross-border electricity supplier parcel tax, the compliance and fairness by the public questioned.

experience online drainage

the bonded store is located in the Pearl River New City, Guangzhou. This area is Guangzhou financial enterprises gathered, well-known accounting firms and banks are located here, the location of High German land spring Plaza entrance for white-collar work the only way which must be passed subway station. It is clear that the United States and the United States preferred preferred customer positioning is a higher degree of acceptance of the sea Amoy white-collar.

from the trade and Industry Bureau of enterprise credit information system data, the United States and the United States was preferred to set up in November 6, 2013, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, the address is located in Guangzhou free trade zone. Its parent company, Guangzhou, the United States and the United States since 2008 to engage in the wholesale trade of goods and goods import and export business.

according to the official website released information of the glue products, plastic products from the transformation of import and export trade, the government has approved the import and export right, set up business chain downstream relatively perfect in the traditional import and export trade. In addition to Wyatt preferably, also has a subsidiary business supply chain management.

in the bonded store, customers can purchase goods from the scene, the goods from the bonded warehouse, and the warehouse does not have the goods, the customer by scanning the two-dimensional code to book.

Wyatt preferred website content, it is more complete varieties of goods, but the bulk of the bonded store supplies to life. Price, compared with other sea Amoy site is not much advantage, but its advertised goods are verified through customs authentic, Whampoa  Customs Department has the relevant record information. This has also been recognized by the Guangzhou customs.

according to Analysys data show that in 2013 China cross-border electricity market transactions amounted to 2 trillion and 700 billion yuan, an increase of 28.8%, the market showed a steady upward trend. Among them, exports accounted for a relatively large electricity supplier, in 2013 exports accounted for electricity supplier

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