User experience and original more than 250 non original easily bring high quality stable ranking

2010 March, there is no Internet experience for me, with the help of friends, build my first website: "to" the beauty of eyebrow. The theme is to study how to pick up girls.

was built on this site is almost no purpose, is the hand, do not know what the Shanghai dragon, that copy a few articles can attract people, there is a flow; then will I love Shanghai should automatically site up at the front; then even the words, do not understand what is described. In consecutive months did not flow under the pressure, I began to search for information on the Internet to explore website operation method, slowly to reach Shanghai Longfeng metaphysics. Slowly began to optimize their site. The constant revision, continue to be right down, it will be this site as the experimental field of their own, if there is a new idea, always take the site to do the experiment. So far, the site has been nearly two years, peak, reached 2500ip. Now it is set to 500IP.

for only three months of the new station, my mood is very upset, do not know the average daily traffic and 2000ip ranking can insist on how long, what time the search engine will inadvertently put it down; but even if I want to fall down, do not worry, because of their standing in the second row, it fell first, still belong to me.

website original content must be more than the original, is copied directly; but most of the time we found that although the original website has included many, but the number has not ideal so good, even less than what pure excerpts from a website. Here I have two about the nature of the site, an original high, another website article is almost all copied and pasted. The development process and effect comparison of two web sites, I believe we will bring the unexpected harvest.


hold this kind of mood, in later days, I did not spend much time on this site, if the site is a child, then the child is sure to raise their own parents, an idea, and I have put their money to do website, even I want to do the web site ranking and traffic can go beyond it, buy the website of the other side just to let it do not compete and me.

but I think we focus and not sharing this station, but also a theme and the nature of the site about "I love" network "and the station just above a comparison reference. "I love the" network "is a station, I 2011 April from a small hand brother bought at that time, the station has only 3 months of age, but its ranking has exceeded the first row, second row I, I, I found myself unable to go beyond it, pressure big, had to buy it.

the little brother friend told me that when he runs the website is updated every evening two articles, occasionally send outside the chain, a chain of hair less than 100.

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