2013 love Shanghai why more and more difficult to optimize what should we do

I think we should be sympathetic for the first and second class of people, for we should take a correct attitude towards the pursuit of hard work, Zhengzhou app think now this love Shanghai algorithm of frequent changes neither period is too conservative but not too radical, Xiao Bian think at this time we only need to grasp a right direction on the line do not go too much >

said the first class: "conservative", this kind of people most know love Shanghai is in constant adjustment, may even know its technology may have to keep up with the trend, but they may need the opportunity because of the lack of coordination and professional training teachers do not know from where to change, in this people’s heart is very want to learn but often because there is no chance or no time to Moshouchengui continuation optimization techniques of long ago; there is a possibility that this kind of people every day to complete any fixed boss assigned by service, every day you must send outside the chain, every day you must update how many the article be repeated daily, so that there is no new method of fundamental mechanical practice opportunities, only the job – "the chain update", this kind of people Some small businesses are often distributed in the network department (actually one or two people), there is some work in the factory inside the staff, the staff to accept the new method of less chance, related personnel can not afford to have fixed work… A series of reasons. As he walked in the last row of the underlying optimization every day, often because the effect is not obvious due to the optimization of the doubt, doubt, don’t know where to do.

I think now website optimization can be divided into two categories: one is "conservative" and another is "radical, these two types of people will face the same problem, website optimization exactly what to do, but the two have different, today Zhengzhou app and you look at the analysis of this problem, it is not" you "is being confused these tangled problems:

is another kind of "radical" this kind of person and the former is different, this kind of people playing in the majority in the upper level optimization, the "leader" "competent" optimization optimization type compared to the majority, the majority of people in the distribution network, a large number of customers in their daily contact list, but they do not personally complete these lists are often allocated, so there is a lot of time on their hands, and because of the nature of network, they must contact the different or new methods, may simply be because in order to give subordinates training or re and peers when two days to show their superb level of the main the energy to search for some other people’s experience or the latest theory, and completely forget their own work or actual early has already been out of work for the Institute Only way or not to the technology itself is effective if suitable, out of order in the course of time to learn a lot, do not know that the effective when good or bad, so he fell into a deep tangle, do not know exactly what this optimization method to do…

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