The chain is also worthy of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon er


second: love Overseas chain is difficult to do, but also have the skills of

but now love Shanghai has gradually realized Shanghai Longfeng rubbish Er continues to spread in their products, in order to fight the Shanghai dragon, and secondly to the user experience, love Shanghai can do the chain a series of products have made the corresponding reform measures, let Shanghai dragon Er hair chain becomes difficult. To the end of 2012, mean that we are not dependent on love Shanghai chain is over

(2) love Shanghai library. This can be said to be the most chain products love Shanghai products. Love Shanghai library recent audit is relatively loose, so it is relatively easy for other products. But there is a fatal disadvantage is that the love of Shanghai Library in the form of flash is presented to the user, which is not conducive to the spider crawling, foreign chain effect will also have a discount.


loves Shanghai products are numerous, but for the chain has several: love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love library know Shanghai experience, we look at the issues one by one:

love products in Shanghai

chain for the emperor, always has a considerable share in the Shanghai dragon Er hearts of this sentence, but the high quality the chain is precious in the eyes of Shanghai dragon er. A representative of Shanghai love chain is the high quality of the chain, the main advantage of high weight, included, flow, so as can be imagined, only a short while ago Shanghai Longfeng Er is how to cherish love Shanghai chain.

(3) love Shanghai experience. This new product audit efforts far from Shanghai know, love library so strict, can say is relatively simple, but also love the experience of Shanghai for drainage is also quite good, because of the support of hyperlinks, but then look at the experience of Shanghai love of the source code, we can find an annoying "nofollw" label, as follows:


mentioned above were greater than before, but it is not we have to give up the love of Shanghai outside the chain of this fish? This kind of negative thinking is wrong, do not let love Shanghai chain >

means that the spider can’t crawl this link, the chain will lose the vote results. I love the experience of Shanghai chain becomes useless.

(1) know love Shanghai. Love Shanghai, know as a quiz platform, which included and flow are considerable, so here to do a great chance of the chain can attract a lot of traffic. But now I love Shanghai know the chain is almost "almost inaccessible", whether it is used before the hop, domain name, code method and so on have been unable to escape the ban love Shanghai, so now Shanghai know sex is very serious.

Three love Shanghai products chain effect ?

first: first to understand the status of

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