Build electricity supplier will become a new channel for the enterprise to compete for control of th

Provides a new sales channel

third party business platform for manufacturing enterprises, manufacturing enterprises should self output self business platform thankless? Because of self business platform, can solve the problem of enterprise sales of the line, to achieve leapfrog development of enterprise sales; then why build electricity providers will become the large manufacturing enterprises compete for the new battlefield of channel control? These seemingly contradictory channel strategy, actually show the intention of manufacturing enterprise channel strategy and strategic dilemma.

manufacturing enterprises choose the third party electronic business platform as their own sales channels, is a very pragmatic choice. Because the third party electronic business platform has a huge amount of traffic, which is similar to the huge flow of goods like a huge potential consumer. If you do not choose to cooperate with it, will lose the actual sales share. So almost all of the first-line manufacturing industry giants, Tmall and Jingdong shop. Even GREE is wild and intractable, hesitate to embrace several years later had to join ma.

but have to point out that these industry giants are not very willing to cooperate with Tmall, as previously said GREE is hesitant to cooperate with Tmall. While more brands are on the one hand and Tmall cooperation, while trying to promote their own official mall, GREE is just 1 months after the cooperation with Tmall, which rushed on the line GREE mall. But compared with the Jingdong Tmall line of these third party business tycoon, the manufacturing businesses of its own electricity supplier, unable to attract enough traffic, generally dismal sales.

even if the sale of the building should also adhere to the reasons for the construction of its own electricity supplier, you can use a word to answer, that is, who have to channel the world, no channel sooner or later lose the world." The so-called sales channels, is a metaphor, meaning the goods from manufacturers to consumers through the path. It’s like a river and a ditch. Taiwan compatriots, also known as the pipeline, like an oil pipeline, like goods from manufacturers to consumers there. From here you can see the importance of the channel, who mastered the channel, who mastered the valve on the oil pipe, switch from him, it is the final say, manufacturing companies say not. The "channel is king" has always been the business will look up to as the standard, be not at all surprising.

era of the Internet than the traditional channels under the management of the store is more monopolistic era. In the store for the main economic era, still exists a variety of channels such as the main body, in addition to the United States, and Suning, and the national each big city electrical supermarkets, and department stores inside the electrical counters, and like GREE stores, channels very rich and varied. So at that time the channel is the main meaning of the king, can be deduced as to do a good job and a variety of channels, to occupy more suitable for their own sales channels. But the Internet era is different, the Internet era completely breaking the geographical limitations, the possibility of the single channel multiple sales channels become lower, and the result of the competition is bound to be a winner, the industry is in the top three for all 80% or even more than 90% of the market.

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