Can’t stand The 2016 thing that the pharmaceutical business could not understand

welcome to 2017. Two days ago, we had released the "obsession can have repercussions? People look forward to new year" Internet medicine, a collection of more than and 10 Internet medical people on 2017 look, full of positive energy. However, on the first day of 2017, we are going to have a "negative energy" inventory.

"in 2016, let you what is an industry phenomenon especially managed?" not long ago, the state power grid thrown to a pharmaceutical business executives this problem.


what is their answer? What did they go through in 2016?

rejected similar answers, billion state power network to tease out the phenomenon of the industry most people could not understand the following pharmaceutical business, based on the requirements of our respondents, the answers are made anonymous:

one, the ability to operate outside the unfair competition, such as mutual reports, etc..

two, some people use their authority to hinder the development of industry policy.

three, individual line pharmacies, slander medicine electricity supplier, hinder the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier. Online purchase of medicines, mobile medical health industry is represent the general trend of the future, not what can stop the trend of reform and development, enterprises should conform to the historical trend, focus on how to improve the business and grow their own development, and also the whole industry to go hand in hand, and common development.

four, the line down, leading the entire industry chaos.

five, OTC drugs (do not require a doctor’s prescription), can be purchased at pharmacies, even do not allow online payment.

six, the development of the concept of health professionals in the field of technology and the field of technology can not keep up.

seven, grappling price, product homogeneity serious. Do / malicious price promotions, malicious effect commitment, malicious brush / some inferior brand to Jerry way of playing the price war, hurt the entire industry.

eight, a layman fabricated boast product introduction. The donkey hide gelatin, gelatin beads process, make up to the gelatin cake.

nine, exaggerated operational data.

ten, Ali proprietary, baby search sorting algorithm adjustment.

No good, no hate Tucao

eleven /.

from these answers is not difficult to feel a few industry status: pharmaceutical retail industry, the contradiction between online and offline is very fierce; industry affected by the policy is very huge, QianYiFaErDongQuanShen; the third party platform proprietary pharmaceutical business platform for survival difficult category; industry price war competition; industry data bubble.

in this context, whether the development of 2016 businesses are expected to accept? Billion state power network survey industry executives made the following answer:

did not meet the expected resistance

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