Ali 11 double play to promote overseas fast sell through join


] September 14th news billion state power network, the state power grid promptly sold through many sellers learned this year, Ali group will jointly Taobao, Tmall and aliexpress in the history of the largest double 11 big promotion activities. This is the first time to participate in the sale of double speed 11, requiring the main venue of the merchandise discount must reach half off and global package, and priority in the search for a real discount merchandise.

aliexpress University official WeChat display, double 11 day aliexpress will buy the global quality of online traffic, at the same time with the outdoor, subway, postal and other offline advertising. In addition, Russia, Spain, Indonesia and other countries to carry out the difference between the characteristics of the buyer propaganda. This greatly promote the coupon budget reached 10 million U.S. dollars, provided by the unified Alibaba group, only 11 days in the same day, the specific investment will be opened in late 9.

according to the speed of selling through the big sellers revealed that the speed of the buyer through the sale of goods more sensitive to price, including Russia, Brazil, the United States and Australia accounted for most of the volume through the fast selling. Unlike Amazon, eBay and other international platforms, aliexpress grafted do good marketing activities of the gene, cheap promotional caters to overseas buyers, nearly a year of promotion activities organized and frequent good results, single product can reach tens of thousands of single day, and the aliexpress the total sales volume of double 11 is expected to be at least two times the usual big promotion.

in addition, the seller in order to reduce the cost of delivery, aliexpress in cooperation with the Beijing post, supported by the seller in 24 countries by surface mail to the buyer by parcel. "If the way by registered mail, the seller can check the buyer signed record, and only half track surface, no buyers sign records, which may increase the platform transaction disputes." International logistics service provider birds international marketing director Xu Dingxin said, the following general 50g package with surface, a total of more than and 20 dollars to remove the registration fee as long as the logistics costs ten dollars, greatly improving the commodity margin.

according to the Moscow Research Institute Data Insight survey shows that the average selling price of fast selling in Russia is $25, only half of the eBay customer price. In 2013, an average of 60 thousand times a day to sell to Russia to send a package, and this year’s sales volume in Russia is expected to last year’s $500 million to $400 million on the basis of an additional $100 million.

promptly sold through expansion in the direction of Russia, the average wage level of consumers than Moscow, St Petersburg and other big city is low, all kinds of cheap goods to help them develop overseas in small towns and rural areas. Aliexpress sellers, caravan founder Zhang Jie told billion state power network, aliexpress according to the change of the market to adjust their decisions faster, more suitable for beginners to test the waters overseas cross-border export.

and this time to sell 11 pairs of double speed promotion, there is no sign of the seller said, to participate in the main venue must be bound to affect the gross margin of half off, the final winner of the price war or platform providers. "Fast selling and Taobao"

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