Alipay fun new e commerce payment more convenient opening

or you have been wary of online banking, look at the net goods but can not sell a superb collection of beautiful things; or you see the favorite baby but not at home can not log in online banking, so that the baby lost…… Since August 18th, you don’t have to have these troubles, you can find a hanging on the side of the road "Taobao shopping payment" convenience stores, cash or credit card payment directly through alipay.

August 18th, Alipay, Taobao, a joint lakala pass, again and again to pay, Meiyijia and other partners in Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Dongguan, Changsha five city launched the line payment service. In the future, even if people can also do not have online banking online shopping, captured goods, Alipay "payment", get a bunch of order number, as long as you find a "Taobao online shopping payment point" sign around any outlets, with tangible cash or credit card to pay the transaction orders.

remittance from the post office to the online banking transfers, and then to the current network to pay, online shopping continues to meet the needs of users to break through the demand. China e-commerce to Ali group as the representative of the coming ten years, once let the electronic commerce people "understand", is this kind of way to go online initiative into the network, from the elite to the mass, it has become a part of life China.

online shopping has great potential to dig

2008 is a year of explosive growth in online shopping, online shopping transaction size exceeded 100 billion mark, reaching 128 billion 180 million, an increase of 128.5% compared to 07. IDC estimates that 2010 of China’s online retail sales will be more than 500 billion.

booming Internet economy will be more and more people involved in the online shopping market. However, due to the high requirements of network payment on the operating environment, a large part of the user is blocked in the door outside the online shopping.

usually look at the Internet online sale of good things, so much money, there is always on tenterhooks." 46 year old aunt Wu said. Some older consumer groups due to online payment is not familiar with, also blocked in the online shopping outside the door.

this problem is bothering to online sellers, Taobao online one called "Tianbo" seller said, "have two or three consumers asked if I could cash transactions every day, but" money "or" cash on delivery "this way and is not safe, both parties usually do not accept."

with the rapid development of online shopping, whether it is business or consumers, are hoping to be the easiest means of payment. The joint line layout, it is to solve the payment only in online shopping on the way "".

powerful building barrier free payment channels


to achieve this cooperation, people no longer have problems for online payment problems, just need to choose Taobao goods, write down the order number, go out less than 100 paces can use cash or credit card payment is convenient, and the usual consumption as like as two peas.

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