Electricity supplier weekly 11 electricity supplier open platform and barbaric Express

BiaNews business weekly (text / Ding Xi Po Niu Zhichao) last week (December 27, 2010 -2011 January 2nd), from 2010 into 2011, e-commerce industry is to open, there are also some problems exposed, which will help the industry more standardized. Jingdong, we have announced the opening, STO sort of violence into focus, the salary of the courier can be used to describe the shock. In addition, the third party payment licenses will be issued, China UnionPay, China Telecom also wading in electronic commerce.

[] where the Jingdong open

VANCL announced that it will fully open platform in 2011, launched the "win-win platform" plan, the Jingdong will access the mall, dangdang.com, Baidu cool online shopping platform etc..

Eslite "platform and win-win" plan is divided into three parts: VANCL and major e-commerce platform fully connected; V+ site further profits, service brand’s cooperation; in 2011, VANCL website CPS advertising is expected to come up with 100 million yuan share for each website alliance.

Jingdong mall also announced its official operation of the open platform, brand direct channel formally launched. At present, there are 500 brands, nearly 100 thousand kinds of commodities settled Jingdong mall.

contrast, where the model is "output + absorb", while the Jingdong open on "absorb".


is an independent brand, so can choose more sales channels.

also, where there V+ mall, this website officially launched in May 18, 2010, is a comprehensive shopping mall, also attracted a lot of brands settled.

so, where the opening is "output + absorption".

Jingdong approach is relatively simple, you offer, I’ll help you sell, and then sub accounts.

Jingdong and all passengers (including future Dangdang and excellence), the equivalent of "self + platform" pure and open strategy, Taobao mall, Baidu music cool days platform is not the same.

from the current situation, the electronic commerce more and more heavy, this is a very interesting phenomenon.

[Taobao’s good name and online supermarket]

face VANCL, own brand competition, Taobao not envious, so unknown good quality products will make up for this regret. Alibaba announced that it will launch a "no good" charges B2C in January next year (business to consumer) platform, and placed into the Taobao online.

industry view that the taobao.com original more than and 200 small and medium-sized sellers and individual shop owners will suffer serious traffic diversion and the pressure of competition. There are rumors that Taobao will give new platform resources tilt, resulting in small sellers abandoned.

but Alibaba and Taobao responded that the new rules for all sellers >

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