You buy a solution to the operator needs to change the pain points

every day in the QQ group is still hard to find someone to change it? This is really something to do the operator must do?

every day you have to spend much time in the communication link, in the release of demand, such as contact, and then to change the comments, and sometimes you will appear to others to comment on, people pull you black.

and someone to brush a comment when selling mobile phone app, actually appeared app ordering their home soon, irrelevant, in fact, brush comment is not in order to do ASO,

old driver with me!In fact, our

demands is very simple, the real needs of users, the real comments, all over the country do not comment, in the same time a large amount of comments, according to our remark to help us with this comment. But professional brush comments might give you what, there is such a condition, no, people would say, "get out, ask so high, do you go to find a ghost".

now, everything is not a problem, in the purchase of APP by you publish a comment, all simple fix.

1, you buy the platform currently has 150W registered users, so it is not a day to get thousands of comments, should be able to completely get rid of.

2, a similar task platform a lot, why should you buy, but I can say that the other platform is the platform to launch the task, need to make money, you just pull the purchase by itself is sticky, the electricity supplier, make money selling mobile phone. You have to publish their own tasks, you have to find them, you have to talk about, you can easily start buying yourself.

3, launched after the task, do not meet the conditions, sorry, not through the money, I don’t have to pay, in accordance with the requirements do not. Your approval is so cock.

4, the task is not completed, the remaining bounty directly the original road return.

hurry up, new users to send 10 Android comments OR IOS download comments 5. Invite friends to send 10 Android or IOS 5 download comments. Add Q12765291 contact bounty ambassador

how to initiate:

download registration by your purchase of APP, in the home, bounty (second rows of third icons) – I want to initiate.

follow the path can be initiated.

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