Electricity supplier yesterday opened the first batch of electronic invoices in Guangdong temporaril

[Abstract] the current regulations require reimbursement invoice must be paper, electronic invoicing and accounting are accounted how reimbursement issues, laws and regulations also need time to adjust.

reporter learned from the Guangdong provincial tax bureau, as the first batch of electronic invoices pilot enterprises in Guangdong, Jingdong mall, vip.com, China Mobile (micro-blog) terminal mall yesterday successfully opened the first batch of electronic invoices.

consumers in the pilot enterprises to buy goods on their own e-commerce platform, according to the need to select paper invoices or electronic invoices.

reduce invoice cost

implementation of electronic invoices will speed up the whole process of e-commerce in Southern China area, can greatly reduce costs. It is understood that print a paper invoice to 1~3 angle / Zhang, if coupled with courier costs 12 yuan, the cost is high. In addition to paper, ink and other printing costs, the issuance of paper invoices will increase the cost of manual management. The Jingdong produced millions of orders, rough calculation, in which the cost of up to 200 million yuan / year.

according to statistics, in 2013 the use of the IRS Guangzhou ordinary paper invoices about 900 million copies. Electronic invoices greatly reduce the cost of invoice printing and management, at the same time, help to strengthen tax collection and invoice information management, and promote more advanced government management.

currently taxed controversial or C2C platform, because the business is the main person, many people and no registration, no registration in the tax authorities, so the C2C platform has been in a blank state tax. At present, the domestic C2C platform is mainly Alibaba’s Taobao and Jingdong’s pat network.

electronic invoices pilot shortcomings: temporarily unable to reimburse

electronic invoice has just started, still did not really win consumer recognition, which can not be reimbursed and the national standard is difficult to unify, is now the main obstacle to the implementation of electronic Invoicing Chinese electricity supplier encounter. The reason is a lack of coordination of pilot areas, electronic Invoicing standards are not uniform; the two is to "become the focus of interest of the game where the tax.

and for consumers, can not be reimbursed is the biggest problem. The regulations now require reimbursement invoice must be paper, electronic invoicing and accounting are accounted how reimbursement issues, laws and regulations also need time to adjust.

does not involve reimbursement, is currently only a pilot, the full swing is still no timetable." Guangzhou IRS pointed out that the application of electronic invoices in Guangzhou city is carried out step by step to carry out, at present, the electricity supplier has for individual consumers to issue electronic invoices, an important first step, the next will be on the line of the public may be reimbursed for electronic invoices, and to explore the online electronic invoice issued public platform construction for the city’s cable the use of small and medium-sized enterprises, to achieve local SMEs for individuals and local enterprises (units) invoice.

Guangzhou electronic Invoicing will be carried out in three phases

it is reported that the city of Guangzhou

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