The essence of Alipay remains stripping looting

two days before the Alibaba announced the equity structure of Alipay parent company of small and micro finance, of which 40% will be as equity incentive, a 60% stake in the introduction of strategic investors, Ma Yun in the micro finance in equity holdings will not exceed the Alibaba group holding more than about 7.3%.

the ownership arrangement is for two years ago, Alipay shares made a confession, a lot of people seem to block the mouth. See, I Ma to take over Alipay from YAHOO and Softbank’s hands, and not loaded into your own pocket, but to do equity incentive and the introduction of investment, in this matter I don’t have the slightest interest. Ma Yun tall and selfless image, to take a step.

under the banner of Liangshan heroes kill out come to rob to the property in addition to their own consumption but also spread to the people, can not hide the essence of robbers. Robbery is robbery, after the robbery to do good, in modern society is subject to legal sanctions. Besides, Ma did not put away the Alipay powder out, but to follow their own brothers, for their behavior washed.

a 40% stake in the company for equity incentive, rare in the world, unheard of. Ma Yun was the staff of second, third shareholders of the implementation of the spirit of the quite thorough, but the chessgame, less for the first user in Ali values. Ma Yun knew that, under strong pressure of public opinion, they have to eat a piece of fat from Alipay, to the brothers, first obtain the internal support, resolve the external pressure of public opinion, not to tell you their own credit bankruptcy, but was wronged.

is not a matter of equity but of contract

issued in 2011 to pay the license on the eve of the Department in charge of Alipay VIE asked about structural problems, so far no one department announced online payment structure of VIE company is unable to obtain the license, and after the more than and 200 licenses issued, there are VIE structure of the company. But Ma suddenly will take the Alipay stake stripped out, the reason is VIE structure of online payment company could not obtain a license. Softbank and Ma did not dare say anything but Sun Zhengyi is troubled by contradiction, YAHOO said he did not know but it is informed, but no way.

After Alipay

stripped out, the only God is ma. In theory he can all Alipay themselves, but only in theory, the practical possibility of 0. You can not take all of their own cheap, all the losses to others to eat, but also to make the appearance of a victim, who is not stupid. In fact, Ma has said that in 2011 he will not exclusive to Alipay, this is basically credible, distrust of Ma Yunji I, never dare to believe that Ma on this issue to eat dry wipe. Alipay has on the compensation not to pay the price, but also need financial support, there are so many for ma I need to deal with criticism, he can’t eat Alipay, did not dare.

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