The future of the electricity supplier is the world’s logistics have to express the world

is the future of the electricity supplier will express the world, why do I say that? So we look at the comprehensive analysis for the electricity supplier courier and Ye Weichang do, business will not be the world express future. The ancients said: people who have the world. To this day, will become the logistics of the world. Easier said than done, and now the courier service quality is worrying ah. The future of electronic business and logistics of the dispute, the middle road is still very long, of course, the perfect ending is together, rather than single-handed foolhardy.


first to talk about Jingdong mall, the new B2C industry is not new, and now has basically been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, although it is just a short period of two or three years of development. Several recent Jingdong big moves, so we can imagine, the future is not the outbreak of war, of course this is not the smoke of the sea war.

first, Ye Weichang found Jingdong mall on their own 360Top.XXX domain name protection. In today’s rapid development of the network society, a little slower than others half a second, may make you lose millions or an estimated loss. It is not too late, the mall has quietly acquired Jingdong or registered.Com,.Co,.Net and other common suffixes and Hongkong, Singapore, Japan, India, Mexico and other places of the domain name 360Top. This means that the Jingdong store for the future, in order to avoid unnecessary omissions. This action also shows that the major domestic companies have been aware of the negative impact of XXX domain name.

two is a series of new Jingdong Mall for logistics. The importance of logistics has been the Jingdong mall executives pay attention to it, this part is related to the lifeblood of the future of e-commerce enterprises, is not only related to the enterprise’s profit space, but also the enterprise expanding security background. The first is the Jingdong store in all parts of the country put up a pageantry to buy land, build a large logistics platform for their own. The Jingdong was informed that the mall in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenyang, Quanzhou and Hangzhou have set up the storage center, and in Beijing and Shanghai are also expanding the original warehouse, it seems that this operation is already hatched.

three is a high degree of attention to Jingdong mall express significantly improved. Liu Qiangdong "tour" send express, Ye Weichang think this thing is not all hype. Behind this thing, which means that Jingdong mall must have a big change in warehousing logistics, experience the pain of couriers, and then make new decisions in the experience. Although Jingdong store logistics is provided free of charge to the customer, but the service charges accumulated Months and years pass by. is a big burden, but does not mean that there is no free service, but also to do service, to retain customers, a business without what it means loyal customer support? I want to know Liu, so from Liu personally when express sure. See, behind the article, and it is also the matter with absolute >

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