SAC Double eleven disable the history of the lowest price

double eleven approaching, the major electricity supplier online shopping promotion war has started, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has also strengthened the supervision of the electricity supplier. Reporters learned from SAIC, October 31st, SAIC held a promotion network market behavior of administrative guidance will be interviewed, asked the participants of electricity supplier carefully combing the problems in previous promotional activities.

The meeting convened by the

Alibaba, Jingdong,,, shop No. 1, Amazon mall,, Ctrip, 58 city, where the network 10 home appliance.


for this year’s "double eleven" promotional activities, deputy director of the rain business administration require network operators to address the problems, we should attach great importance to and access to third party trading platform to correct existing commodity trading network is not strict, information on the goods review, inadequate disposal of illegal behavior of consumer rights has not been fully protected.

According to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce

summary, "double eleven" consumer infringement "disaster", mainly some fake discounts to mislead consumers, some of the operators in the sales promotion ", after the first price discount" "first price discount to attract consumer attention, with no inventory as an excuse not to unilaterally change or revocation of" sales "promotional activities and other misleading consumer behavior. In addition, the existence of false propaganda and illegal advertising, unfair terms of format and unreasonable additional requirements, some network operators use the whole network lowest price "," the history of the "low price" sales first "ranked first in violation of" advertising law "provisions of the terms in advertising.


Administration for Industry and commerce, electricity providers should take public promotion rules, truthfully labeled price, ensuring the quality of products to improve technology and logistics, formulate complaint handling plan of specific measures, including sales and promotional activities in the commodity shall be in accordance with the "product quality law" provisions, not because of lower commodity quality promotion. In addition, to ensure that 7 days no reason to return and other laws and regulations to be effectively implemented. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Yang Ge

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