To excellent network security buy navigation site will not disappear


to CEO Youwang anchenghai

handle network stranded after IPO, the domestic buy industry pessimism unprecedented condensation. Coincidentally, 24 was one of the giants of group purchase coupons exposed owed wages, and removed a number of local outgoing station, seems to be pushed to the first domino. At Gaopeng, Wo Wo Group, Groupon and other giants have also lit group purchase, knife cuts.

said that if the group purchase just so big weight, many small and medium-sized group purchase website is worthy of the name of the dead. According to statistics, the original more than 6 thousand sites have fallen to 1324, there are more sites are no longer updated, disguised death…… Considering the current group purchase industry, to sum up in a word, group purchase industry is facing the winter.

in this winter, group purchase group purchase website navigation in the attached peripheral, with the booming of group purchase site was once the scenery infinite, they will how tough it out and group purchase website? Really as commentators have said, will fade with the group purchase group purchase navigation site reshuffle and


a desire to multiply the number of Chinese electricity supplier Korean

An Chenghai came to Beijing for seven years, is currently in China to do their own buy navigation website to excellent network (, he said in micro-blog –

always feel the Internet industry has a "new" gas, Internet as Jin Yong in the arena, but for me as a foreigner wants to take "ruffian gas" I don’t think. This is a temperament, can not learn. I give people the feeling is always quiet, leading to excellent network and corporate culture are like this. Don’t know the "Knight" offbeat like me can find the China Internet arena, the achievement of their unique independence."

in fact, to optimize the network in the field of navigation has bought a place to buy. To optimize network ranks 6000 in the world, become the second group of 800 China second independent navigation group purchase website, daily unique visitors (UV) more than 200 thousand, and the CPS is divided into revenue mainly from advertising alliance, has more than and 20 full-time employees.

April 1, 2010 anchenghai officially launched the first group purchase group purchase website navigation, China numbered. An Chenghai put his name "123" group purchase navigation, to completely imitate hao123 navigation mode, but they only registered to the and.Cn domain, domain name holders later do group purchase navigation, and as "6 figures" for sale, but under revision, anchenghai will own website called "Youwang (", he believes that this is a very fashionable name "and easy to remember.

later development made the anchenghai big accident, the number of group purchase website increase, upgrade from the hundred regiments to thousands of war, to April this year, the number of group purchase website.

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