Double eleven practical operation process counter attack at end of dry cargo details

said the double eleven, can not be described as a major event in the electricity supplier and even the domestic market. In today’s electricity supplier in the world, increasingly high traffic costs, various costs have increased, by the end of the "double eleven", is undoubtedly a booster, how to end a sales counter attack, achievements, and even create a your ecommerce sales myth seems to lie in the "double eleven" of the war.

it is good, is not good, eleven double negative information, negative news and so on to the seller but this is not the focus is also a superb collection of beautiful things, we should pay attention to, after all, we are currently Tmall Taobao this platform operation, negative see too much, people tend to feel pessimistic, the boat as long as we don’t go to the data no, to those grandiose digital abandon their profits, the real use of "double eleven", do their business to




Taobao two requirements of opinion, we have to learn to calm analysis, but their role is businesses docking + sales + maintenance complex, sales means is also very heavy, they also want to take the category of performance indicators, we sometimes need not to abandon their targets, their profits too much, as long as you in the category of accounts for the effects of scale and brand still involves a lot of things as long as our own profit, we can in fact be a little tough.

nonsense finished, went straight to the theme;

1, "double eleven" planning and preparation;

A, target sales target;

is planning to double in eleven of sales, give yourself the next task, such as double eleven minimum sales target, must be a task to complete, according to the index, the index to calculate the complete amount of stocking needs; this is not let’s beat the head like a pair of eleven, participated in this year according to previous years, achievements, and their expectations, enhance a. This minimum sales target, can only be more, not less, because you ask for 100 points, and finally come out may be 80 points, but you ask in the last of the 80 points, perhaps only points, the truth we all know)

did not participate in the previous eleven double, not confused, according to previous sales results, no matter what category, basically eleven double sales performance is the first half of the sales performance doubled to more than two times, so we only need to according to their own expectations and their own strength, simple calculation, planning to.

in the above two points, the boat is missing the point, is whether you have not participated in the double eleven, also needs to be judged according to the capacity of market and consumer shopping market direction, the capacity of this industry through analysis about judgment in the data cube, and consumer shopping direction, usually by boat Taobao index analysis (below).


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