O2O transformation of traditional enterprises trap and antidote


some business owners heard the speech of the airport Ma, know that the world is not difficult to do business, the Internet thinking, all day clamoring to transform, to embrace change.

watched Ma’s business is getting better and better, but they have no business to do.

a few days ago also heard a friend say that he do Jiezhuang company intends to invest 5 million to do a APP, thinking of using the Internet to do the decoration, they believed in: or electronic commerce, or no business can.

electricity supplier war has ended, the new battlefield is O2O, so a large number of companies had intended to do business platform began to do O2O transformation.

in the foreseeable future, we will see the transition is not dead, blind transformation of the Internet is killed!

how to do it?

would like to make a successful transition to earn money by O2O, first you need to do not lose money. There are many ways to succeed, the reason for failure is always the key. In this article, let’s talk about the following topics:

1, the traditional enterprise transformation of those pits O2O;

What is the nature of

2 and O2O?

one, the traditional enterprise transformation O2O those pits


enterprise transformation failure is fallen into a pit to get up, we’ll make a count of these harmful pit.

: one of the pit blindly, attempt an ineffective solution

in the successful transformation of traditional enterprise business of Jingdong, nearly two years of Gome and Suning’s ongoing restructuring, especially Suning, is to come up with courage and courage, zhuangshiduanwan bound, online and offline price, even if the enterprise profit margins fell sharply also went ahead, as a strategic loss, is self revolution.

, however, in contrast to other traditional retail, in the process of the transformation of O2O just chose to cooperate with WeChat to build WeChat micro mall, open up online and offline transactions, electric shock to test the water.

on the one hand, these retail stores strongly felt the impact of the electricity supplier to them, would like to try to break through;

on the other hand, due to the shackles of their own experience and knowledge of the system, they do not know the traditional operation and management of the Internet thinking.

so, in this case in a dilemma to take a relatively conservative way. They may be called the "stones", is actually not blindly follow the trend, figuring out what kind of "net" for their intention to form, through a simple WeChat account bearing positive business model transformation O2O impossible. However, they must know, this is a small test, risk control, follow it anyway.

pit two: backward thinking, heavy resistance


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